Mind These 5 Mistakes In Responding To Customer Feedback On Amazon

Responding to customer feedback on Amazon is essential. However, many sellers are making these 5 mistakes that can ruin their performance and effort.

Amazon is one of those businesses that really care about their customers. Therefore, when you register to sell on their platform as a third-party seller, you must meet their rigorous standards for customer satisfaction.

Yet, most business owners do not get hold of all the essential tips to avoid some common mistakes, especially when responding to customer feedback. This article will introduce some beneficial ways to help you get round and deal with this issue effectively.

The Importance of Customer Feedback to Selling on Amazon

Customer feedback includes rating, commenting on a product or service. In most cases, feedback is accompanied by ratings, which represent the level of customer satisfaction.

On Amazon, customer feedback is one of the most critical factors for driving your sales. It is the basis for potential customers to know if your product or service is good or not.  There is no denying that the most popular products in Amazon sales categories often get the most responses.

However, less than 10% of customers will leave feedback. Furthermore, customers who have a terrible experience tend to give more feedback than those satisfied with their purchased product.

If you sell on Amazon, you will get a negative review one day, and that’s inevitable. In this case, it is wise to get help from a trusted Amazon marketing agency.

5 Common Mistakes In Responding To Customer Feedback On Amazon

1. Not Taking the Time to Respond to Customer Feedback

Amazon allows you 24 hours to respond to shopper feedback. This amount of time is enough for you to answer all inquiries of your customers. As an online seller through Amazon, you often have to work more on weekends and holidays. Make sure that all of your customers receive timely feedback, as this is important for driving sales.

2. Do not mark responses as “No need response”

Let’s say you get some responses, and you think that responding to them is unnecessary; So, you ignore it and continue your business. Unfortunately, ignoring any customer feedback is not advisable.

Even if customer feedback does not seem to require an answer, Amazon wants to know you have received it from your customer. Therefore, it is best to mark such responses as “no need response.”

3. Not reaching out to customers to ask for feedback

The fact of the matter is that customer reviews are crucial in building your credibility on Amazon. Unfortunately, most customers will leave without leaving any reviews after receiving the goods.

If a customer forgets to leave feedback, keep reaching out and sending them a polite reminder to write lovely comments about you.

4. Don’t use automated tools to respond to customer feedback on your behalf

You are very busy, that is undeniable. But, unfortunately, when you have a lot of other important things to deal with, customer feedback tends to become unimportant to you. As a rule, frequently ignoring customer feedback can negatively impact your seller rating.

If you cannot respond to customer feedback within 24 hours, it is wise to invest in an automated application that does it for you.

5. Do not find a way to remove negative feedback

No matter how great your product is, you are bound to receive negative consumer reviews someday. However, that does not mean customers are dishonest when giving feedback; The cause may be that your product is not up to their expectations. Whatever the reason, you should improve the situation at all costs.

You should not send a message to a customer asking them to remove their negative review. It is best to solve the problem first; Then, approach the guest with an offer to remove the negative review.


How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

No seller likes to receive negative reviews on Amazon because they can affect profits, sales, and Buy Box percentage. However, as mentioned above, it is inevitable to receive negative feedback.

Removing neutral or negative comments can help improve your sales and feedback rating. Fortunately, several solutions allow you to remove negative feedback. But keep in mind that not all negative feedback can be dismissed.

1. Contact customer to remove negative feedback

When using this method, you need to follow Amazon’s rules. You cannot offer a customer a full refund to ask them to delete your comment. If you do this, your account is at risk of being suspended by Amazon. Offering feedback manipulation agreements or forcing buyers to delete feedback are all violations of Amazon policy.

Let’s start by contacting the customer to solve their problem. For example, if a customer receives an order later than expected, it is wise to offer a partial or full shipping fee refund. Once the problem is resolved, politely ask the customer to remove the negative feedback.

You can refer to the following sample:


2. Contacting Amazon to Remove Negative Feedback

Let’s start by going to Seller Central to open a new support case.

“Choose Account Settings,” click “Orders,” and select “Customer feedback problems.”

Then give reasons why the customer feedback should be deleted. At this point, you must give some brief reasons.

Here’s a good example:

If you are successful, you will get a message that looks like this:

The customer or Amazon may delete feedback within 60 days of the response being posted. After this period, it is not possible to delete the response.

How To Minimize Negative Feedback On Amazon

As a rule, prevention is better than a cure.

By sticking to the following ways, you can effectively minimize negative feedback:

  • Provide more accurate and detailed product descriptions and images.
  • Respond to your customers on time.
  • Make sure your customers receive their goods on time.
  • Efforts to solve customer problems

At olifantdigital.com, you will get help from experts in limiting negative customer feedback on Amazon.


We have listed 5 mistakes in responding to customer feedback on Amazon. If you satisfy every customer, you will succeed in doing business on Amazon.

If you want to improve your seller rating and automate the customer feedback management process, visit olifantdigital.com right away.


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