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You’ve started your website and added the touches to help boost your SEO. Now, you have to monitor your ranking using SERP tracking tools. In this article, I will be talking about why it’s important to monitor your website’s ranking and the tools you can use. I will be putting two of the cheapest options I can find for each category.

Why You Should Monitor

It’s very important to know where your website ranks. You could be ranking higher or lower at any given time. Many factors can affect your ranking as well. Maybe you’re using bad keywords, toxic links or your load speed has gone down.

Domain Authority Analyzer

The domain authority is a score dictating the likelihood of how high your site will show on the results page. It’s a ranking from 1-100. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood.


The two for this are:

  1. Monitor – The price varies on how many domains you want to monitor. $25/month for the lowest and $90.00/ month is the highest.
  2. site is free and checks your domain authority and competitors.


Keyword Relevancy

Keyword checkers are needed so that you know the type of words that most searchers are using. They give you relevant words to use in description and on your site.

The two keyword search tools are:

  1. site only requires your email. It shows what words are being searched the most and sends you more to use overtime.
  2. is a site that provides a free trial, and has a monthly subscription for only $27/month. They aim to get you 10,000 keywords per search and have a lot of cool deals.


Load Speed

Make sure that your website is loading as quickly as possible on desktop and mobile. If not, detect what the issue may be.


Two websites that can help are:

  1. For $10/month it provides you with a premium testing service.
  2. It has a tier list of prices. For an individual, the prices range from free to $40/month. For a group, the price ranges from $60-$425/ month.


On-Page Elements

These are things like keywords, links, videos, pictures and other factors. In my research most agreed that you monitor these manually.


User Behavior

You most definitely need to monitor user behavior. It’s best to figure out what people like, don’t like, click on the most and least, how they go on your page, ect.


Two tools to use for this are:

  1. This has a free version and the highest price is $389/month.
  2. site is $24/month.


Copied Content

In certain cases, you will have to check if other sites have taken your information and used it as their own. If so, you can usually get them to link your website.


Two tools you can use are:

  1. This site ranges from $5.25-19.95/month
  2. It’s free with limited searches, then ranges from $11.49-117.99/ month.

Technical Issues

You need to keep a monitor on any technical problems with your site as well. If a page is showing up as an error page or if your HTML needs to be cleaned up, these tools can help. These tools crawl on your site like the search engine bots and detect these issues.


Two tools are:

  1. Netpeak It has a tier list from free- $99/month.
  2. This has a free version and a paid version for 149.00 pounds sterling of $207.21/month.

Proper Topic Signals

One thing you should make sure of is that google knows what you’re selling. You can make sure you have certain signal words and links by using this tool.


Two tools are:

  • It has a free version and tier list. It ranges from $49.99 to $399.99/month.
  • There is a free version. It also has a tier list that ranges from $90.00 to $490/ month.


It’s good to know what other sites are mentioning your blog, business, or service. These tools help to scour the net to find these other sites.

The two tools are:

  1. Google Alerts- This is a free service.
  2. Moz’s Fresh Web Browser- This has a range of $99 to $249/ month.


It’s also best to monitor your word counts for meta titles and descriptions. By keeping these updated, you reduce the risk of Google rewriting them to a version that sinks your ranking.


These are two tools:

  • This is a free site.
  • The other websites I looked up are all free apps or have a free version.


By using all of these tools, you can make sure to monitor your website’s success. I got most of this information from Make sure to check them out for more details.

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