Morning prayer increases good luck Smooth life throughout the day

Morning prayers that only take a few minutes can bring prosperity to yourself. Smooth life all day. You can also practice meditation and calm your mind before going to school or work.

Praying to the monks in the morning is a simple matter. It doesn’t take long. Come for everyone. You can pray for all ages. Just spend 5 minutes every morning before going to school or work. It will help to concentrate more, calm the mind, and increase the auspiciousness of life. No matter what you do, it’s smooth. There is no obstacle to interrupt all day.

Prayer in the morning not only keeps the body awake it also calms the mind, relieves stress, increases mental happiness, reduces your self-esteem or resentment, has mindfulness and concentration for studying, working, or starting things on a new day, and it also helps to bring prosperity to life. No matter what you do, there are no obstacles, smooth, convenient, all day long.

  • Praying and meditating are not only useful for mental management. But chanting out prayers also has health benefits.

The elders always teach us to pray in the morning and before going to bed every night. One reason is that it helps manage the mind, considered a collection of merit, and it is believed that praying in the morning helps us start a good day. But the benefits of prayer are not just that. Because the benefits of prayer and meditation are good for health. as follows.

Help relax and feel comfortable.

Chanting with low voices in the morning will help to cause vibration, stimulating the work of the receptors in the body. It helps the brain produce chemicals, neurotransmitters, and electrical including some proteins that Help balance the body and relieve anxiety Cure insomnia.

Reduce blood sugar

Chanting a prayer will help to cause vibration. Stimulates the system within the body to achieve balance. And in addition, listening to your prayers also helps nerve cells transmit neurotransmitters that have a sedative-like effect, relieve stress, relieve depression, and help to reduce blood sugar levels.

Driving spell

Of course, every day before going to work or running errands. Many people tend to use vehicles for travel, so if you want to keep yourselves safe and drive more conscious. You may have to recite this spell before leaving the house.

The lord’s spell is kind and compassionate.

Your daily work Some people may have some concerns, fear that what they are doing will be wrong or not, or what you have done that will please the boss or not? Our Daily Bread Devotional Today So don’t worry about it. This spell may give you more or less confidence.

5-minute morning prayer with words of mercy Adding prosperity to life

That prayer must be considered easy for everyone in this era. Very convenient for all genders, all ages, and it’s not about older adults. Longer than it used to be, and you misunderstood each other like that. Various prayers There are many published in various formats. Who saw each other and heard each other until they were used to it.


Morning prayers are a time when you can concentrate very well. Morning prayers are a good time for us to do morning prayers. To start a good day at work:

  1. Study or do various activities today.
  2. Wake up early and ready.
  3. Start a new day with morning prayers.

Morning prayer translation with kindness Morning prayers and evening prayers Can be taken as a family activity as well, both merit and do activities with family members.


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