Most Important Documents in Your Car Accident Case






If you have gotten in a car accident and plan on filing for a claim, it is very important that you have the necessary documents that you might need to show to your Montrose car accident lawyer. In order to have a strong case that leans in your favor, having all the required documents is essential.

If you are wondering what these documents might be, then you are at the right place. Here is a list of all the documents that will come in handy in your case.

  • Police report: When the police arrive at the scene, they create a report after their initial findings in which they mention their observation about who is responsible for the accident. The party blamed for the accident in this report however is not final and can be changed upon further investigation and evidence.
  • Copy of insurance policy: driving without an insurance policy is an illegal act, in order to establish that you were legally driving, an attorney will require a copy of your insurance.
  • Information about the other driver: Usually whenever an accident takes place, the drivers make a note of each other’s important information like insurance information, name, driver’s license, phone number, etc. This information will be required by your attorney. However, you must make it a point not to share your personal information like the social security number with the other party.
  • Statements of the witnesses: At the time of the accident, if there were people present around to witness it, the police recorded the statement. These statements are important because they will be used to prove innocence, in case the witness changes their narration due to whatever reason.
  • Medical records: When you go to a doctor after the accident, you must keep all the prescriptions, tests, reports, etc. It is mandatory for you to keep them all safe; they will play a pivotal part in your compensation claim.
  • Payment bills: Your attorney will need to see and show all the medical bills data related to the injury related to the car accident. So, if you are a person who is not habitual of keeping the bills and other payment records in a systematic manner, changing your habit for accident-related medical expenses is a must. These bills are what will go on to decide the compensation that your attorney will seek.
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