MotherLink Payment Policy

1. General information

  • MotherLink company is able to make payments only after receiving the invoice. Off- bill payments are not possible.
  • Payment usually takes 21 days after the initial invoice has been received.
  • We prefer to pay for live links only. Prepayments are rarely done and on certain conditions only. (see p.6)
  • Our company based in European Union. All invoices should be sent in Euro currency.

Invoices received from the UK based company can be in GBP currency.

2. MotherLink company details

Please add following details to the invoice:

Company name: 7 Figures OU

Reg. Nr.: 14315718

Address: Ahtri 6a, Building B, 8 Floor, 10151 Tallinn; Estonia VAT: EE 102066382

[email protected]

All information above must be written on the invoice. Without our company details we will not be able to proceed with the payment.

3. Information about you

We work with companies as well as individual entrepreneurs.

3.1 Company Information

In case you are representing a company, please include the following details on the invoice:

  • Company name
  • Company registration number
  • Address
  • Country
  • VAT number

(In case if you do not have VAT number, please add ‘’No VAT’’, or if your company is based outside of the EU, please add ‘’Based outside of EU’’)

3.2 Information about private/ individual entrepreneur

In case you are working as a private/ individual entrepreneur, please include the following details on the invoice:

  • Your full given name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Country of Residence

4. Payment possibilities

We can transfer money via wire transfer (usual bank transfer) and via PayPal.

4.1 Bank transfer

For bank transfer, please include the following details on the invoice:

  • Transaction Beneficiary/ Receiver
  • IBAN
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address

4.2 PayPal

For PayPal payments:

We accept PayPal invoices only in Euro.

If you would like to receive payment via PayPal you should create an invoice in the PayPal platform and send us a link from your email to [email protected]

Please note: We prefer to pay your invoices via bank transfer. If you choose a PayPal as a payment method, you should cover all fees yourself!

4.2.1 Instruction how to create invoice in PayPal:  o Log in to the Paypal portal

  • Click on ‘’Tools’’ in the top menu and then, ‘’all tools’’
  • Scroll down and open ‘’invoicing’’
  • Choose ‘’create invoice’’ in the upper right corner and add all details o Click ‘’Send’’ and then choose ‘’Share link myself’’ o Please copy link and send it to [email protected]

Please note that we will not proceed with invoices which were send directly from PayPal.

We have to receive the link to the PayPal invoice from your email.

5. Order ID

Besides the mandatory payment information, we also request that all issued invoices should contain Order IDs and stated price for each link.

The best way to list order information is shown in the following example below:

Order ID Live URL Price
1234 https://motherlink.io/services/off-page- seo/# 500€
3456 https://ru.euronews.com/2020/01/29/youth- guarantee 350€
  Total: 850€

Order IDs will be provided by Operations manager you are working with.

6. Prepayments

From March 2020, MotherLink will only accept 50% of the link cost in advance as a prepayment. The second payment will be made after the link goes live.

We accept prepayment invoices only in Euro currency.

Please mark clearly on the invoice that it is a prepayment invoice.

Please do not send us combined invoices for live and prepayment links together.

Prepayment links should always be invoiced separately.

Financial Email

Invoices should be sent to our financial email: [email protected]

In case an invoice will be framed in a wrong way or format, we will be not able to proceed with the payment. Motherlink’s finance team will always inform you if there any changes needed.