Movie genres to try in 2022: Must have experience for everyone

Movies are the mirrors of our minds and society. It brings out the most colorful and dreadful part of the human mind to the screen and helps us to experience some of the most extraordinary emotions. We all have a favorite movie that we relate to personally and favorite actors who taught us much about life than our textbooks.

Movie genres

If you ดูหนัง regularly then you know that every movie is not the same and does not start to tell you a story. Some movies will help you travel down memory lane, and some will leave you astonished with the intense themes. Here we will discuss the most popular movie genres to help you sort your watchlist for 2022.


Most people think that movies and storybooks are fiction only and there is no substance inside them. But, it is not true at all. Most movies take inspiration from fictional books, events, and characters. Undeniably it is the most incredible part of the movies today. The filmmakers can unleash their creative minds in fictional movies and bring the best out of them to give us an escape from the regular, boring world.

Growing up, if you watched Harry Potter movies, you would understand how a fictional movie can impact your mind and teach friendship, leadership, and more through fiction.

Science fiction

The science fiction genre is getting more popular every day, and it does not seem very far from our time when we will start implementing the advanced rules. These science fiction movies have never been more realistic than this decade, and if you ดูหนัง hd, then it will feel like an actual scene out of your computer. Many famous scientists admired science fiction novels and movies saying it inspired them to work on the theories accurately.

If you have watched interstellar already, you know that we are planning to colonize outer space nowadays, and it all started with a movie that inspired us.


Animated movies are not a specific genre, and you can find movies of your taste here. But, recently, it has been viral among people of every age group because of its better visual effects, interactive characters, and storylines. If you want to have a good time Or find a better option to engage your kids, animations are fantastic


Life is already difficult with many problems, relationship issues, and bills. Comedy movies are a great relief, and there are masterpiece movies in this genre. If you remember Charlie Chaplin, Mister Bean, and such actors who could make you laugh without even saying a sentence, you will understand the power of comedy movies. It can be a slight relief in your hectic life.


Nothing can be better than a horror movie with popcorn on your couch to spend Halloween with these days. Horror movies are one of the most popular genres worldwide, and the reason is straightforward. People love the adrenaline rush that comes with fear, and the quest for the unknown is always exciting. Most of the horror movie plots are fake and fiction, but there are actual incident-based stories.

Where to watch

Nowadays, you can ดูหนังออนไลน์ without even leaving your home, and that is a privilege. Over-the-top Or the OTT platforms offer movies from every genre, including cult classics, newly released movies, and people’s favorite picks. So, you have a lot of variety and only need to choose your favorite genre to start exploring the world of movies.

It is a great and productive hobby that will help you to analyze your mind better.


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