Moving into a New Home—4 Activities for the Most Memorable Housewarming Party

The moving process is nothing if not stressful—just when you think you’ve finally unpacked, you notice an unopened box lurking behind the corner. The blood, sweat, and tears do pay off in the end when you take a look at your furnished place and realize you’ve finally settled into your new abode. After months of hard work, you’re able to unwind and test your new comfy sofa while reading the book that has been sitting on your nightstand for the past couple of months. However, can you call this new place home if you haven’t invited your closest ones over yet? The best way to celebrate this important milestone in your life is to share it with a group of friends who probably spent the last couple of days helping you move boxes.

So, how does one plan a housewarming party? Naturally, the first step would be to send out invitations to check if everyone is available. Then, all you have to do is make a list of some entertaining activities that will get the ball rolling and make it the best house warming party ever. Sounds easy enough, but when you’re dealing with a large crowd, it’s challenging to find activities everyone will enjoy. Worry not, because we’ll give you a couple of ideas and suggestions in the paragraphs below. Keep reading to find out more.

International cuisine night

What’s a party without some delicious food? Instead of ordering fast food from your nearby restaurant, why not take the opportunity to be original and include all of your friends? For example, you can ask each of your guests to bring one dish, whether it’s a dish representing their culture or their favorite childhood snacks. It doesn’t have to be too fancy or complicated—a simple exotic salad will do the trick. The point is to get all of them involved in the activity.

Once you’re all gathered around the dining table, each of your friends should say a word about their dish. That way, your friends will get to know one another better. Plus, they’ll learn something about different cultures and ethnicities. It’s also a great ice-breaker as it gives you a topic to talk about, so it takes the pressure off you as a host.

Local beer and wine tasting

You’ve got the food covered, but drinks are just as important (if not more important). Most party hosts usually venture to the local market and get the first bottle of wine they come across. They take a few bottles before moving on to the beer section, and their mission is completed. However, a housewarming party is a perfect time to get introduced to some local specialties. You’ll just have to do some online snooping to see whether there are any shops nearby that sell locally-produced wine and craft beers.

Before the guests arrive, make sure to outfit your kitchen counter with the local brews you’ve managed to find. You can do an improvised tasting with your friends and share your thoughts on the fine selection of wines and beers. People love to give their opinions and comments, so you’ll quickly get your friends talking and avoid the awkward silence.

A game night

There’s nothing people love more than a good game night. A Saturday game night is standard practice for many US citizens, so there’s no better way to entertain your guests than to toss a couple of fun games at them. The options are limitless—your choice will solely depend on your friends’ preferences. As a host, it’s crucial to make sure nobody feels left out. That’s why it’s advisable to include a wide range of different games, from good old checkers to popular online games.

For instance, you can start the night with a game of charades to awaken the competitive spirit in the room before you move on to some other activities. If your crowd isn’t a fan of these traditional party games, you can spice things up by participating in an online slot tournament. It’s a beginner-friendly activity, and it allows all of your guests to take part and showcase their teamwork. A friendly reminder—don’t forget to brush up on slot tournament tips if you’ve never participated in one.

Capture the moment

After your guests have been well-fed and entertained, it’s time to bring the night to an end and say goodbye. That’s when you come in with another surprise and let your friends know that you’ve set up a photo station in your backyard. Nowadays, it’s become important to document the important events in life, so a group photo it’s a great way to end the party on a happy note.

You can gather all of your friends and take some funny pictures together that you can later frame and cherish the moment forever. In addition, you could recreate some old photos from back when you were younger.

The bottom line

No matter what you decide to do, remember that hosting a housewarming party is not all about planning and writing a grocery list. The goal is to have fun and spend quality time with a circle of close friends. A good company is all you need to get the party started.


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