Moving to San Diego: What You Can Expect

When you think of living in California, the first thing that probably pops up in your mind is LA: the home of the rich and famous, and Hollywood. Still, there are so many other interesting cities in California. San Diego, for instance, is one of the most laid-back and gorgeous locations in the state.

If you’re planning on moving to California in the city of San Diego or perhaps debating whether it’s worth relocating, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to find what to expect of San Diego, including this city’s culture and the job market.

San Diego Living Cost

San Diego is a pricey city to live in, as the living cost is 42% above the national average.The average home price is $795,864, and the average rent is $2,383 per month. Not everyone can afford it. If this seems high to you, try to find roommates in San Diego and lower your share of the rent.

Unsurprisingly, average salaries are higher than in many parts of the country to compensate for the high living costs.

While the cost of living in San Diego is higher than in similarly sized cities like Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, it’s incredibly cheaper than big metropolises like New York City.

Jobs In San Diego

According to the City of San Diego, international trade, military, manufacturing, and tourism are the sectors that contribute the most to the local economy.

Recently, there has been a high demand for software developers, IT support specialists, systems engineers, and architects in this city. In fact, the demand has been so high that many of these jobs are going unfilled. If you work in one of these sectors, it might be a great time to move.

In addition, if you’re hoping to find a job in the city, be aware that San Diego is also home to Sempra Energy and Qualcomm, both Fortune 500 companies.

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San Diego Culture

The city has a strong Mexican influence. You’ll easily hear people speaking Spanish around San Diego’s outer areas and diverse neighborhoods.

Due to the perfect weather and great waves, a surfing culture has grown in the area, and various competitions take place throughout the year.

San Diego can also be regarded as a youthful city, as several universities and large colleges are located in San Diego. The nightlife scene close to main campuses is usually pretty lively. Many of these students stay in the city after graduating and join the growing biotechnology and computer industries.

Moving to San Diego

San Diego may be a laid-back city with beautiful beaches, but it’s also the kind of place that hosts several events throughout the year (e.g., Comic-Con), attracting thousands of people around the country.

The point is: there’s something for you in this city. Moving to San Diego can be great if you’re looking for new opportunities or a place with perfect weather.

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