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As Asia’s largest MRO aviation market, Singapore has plenty of things going for its rise in the global aircraft maintenance industry. Despite being a small country in terms of land area, Singapore is a major influence on the financial health of the APAC region and serves as a crucial connector of the east-west corridor. It is this prominence in the air transportation industry that has made Singapore the hub of the aviation maintenance services. With 10% share of the global market, Singapore has a large number of MRO aviation firms capable of taking care of holistic services for all aircraft types.

Today, thousands of aircrafts of different make, size and purpose take to the skies every day. To cater to this diversity of demand, MRO aviation companies in Singapore focus on running superior and advanced technology driven operations. The competition is huge, and there is no prize for those who fail to achieve faster turnaround times (TAT), superior customer satisfaction, service level compliance, on-time delivery and management of all complex business agreements. Aviation is going to play a bigger role in the future of global transport as better aircraft technologies come to fore, and the digital MRO market is also going to grow to nearly 3x its current size in the years ahead. This is where using world-class aircraft maintenance software becomes an absolute must for the service providers. The solution would be an MRO aviation software that is capable of the entire lifecycle including:

Component MRO The system should have ability to manage tasks such as Quote Management, Component Receipt to ARC Release and Invoicing processes with efficient customer interaction capabilities for enhanced usability, easy handling and operations.

Engine MRO – It will manage Engine MRO activities  like Work scope evaluation, Engine slot management, Engine visit, build-up, estimations, kitting, Digitized task card, ARC, Maintenance tracking  and Invoicing processes with efficient customer interactions

Line MRO – The software would take care of line MRO operations such as defect reporting, flight service billing with ease and efficient work scoping.

Hangar MRO –  Hangar MRO operations starting from Work scope Management, Aircraft Induction to Billing, efficient planning, Task card digitization, Automated invoicing functions  and connected inventory planning.

By using an advanced cloud-based aircraft maintenance software, it is possible to lift the efficiency levels of the service. Such a solution can give benefits such as:

Superior TAT – Digitized contract and pricing management would reduce turnaround time as there will be faster and more accurate price calculations and invoicing.

Complete visibility and aircraft tracking – The AI powered software facilitates tracking, intuitive planning, monitoring through a single dashboard.

Paperless processes – Software-driven processes would mean that the Job cards will be electronic and typically digital signatures would be required. The supervisors get easy visualization dashboards to seamlessly manage things in a green manner without any paper consumption.

These are just some of the benefits that Singapore based MRO aviation companies can enjoy courtesy of modern aircraft maintenance software and continue leading the Asian aviation maintenance sector.

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