Myths about the Low-Code Platform | What is the Reality?

Digital transformation is providing dramatic outcomes to businesses in every industry. Now it’s possible to get apps ready in a short time without the aid of IT developers by using a low code platform. But unfortunately, many people believe in the myths about this approach and are not ready to take advantage of low-code platforms.

Keep reading this whole article to resolve all your ambiguities about the low-code platform, so let’s start!

MYTH # 1

Low-code Can Only be Used for Simple Apps

This myth is semi-true due to the most usage of low-code for the creation of simple applications. But it’s the not complete truth; more than that is also feasible. For example, you can also use a low-code platform for developing scalable apps that can support complex logic. If you want to do coding properly, then you’ll require a team. But, at the end of this making process, you’ll realize that low-code is ideal for creating unique, robust, and intricate apps.

MYTH # 2

Low-code is Meant for “Citizen Developers”

The most common buzz about low-code platforms is that they can help your employees become “citizen developers” and rapidly create apps according to your needs. Also, you don’t need to wait for the IT professionals to accomplish this task for you. But, unluckily, that’s not the reality.

No doubt, low-code platforms allow business users to create simple apps. But those apps are not simple that support digital transformation. Instead, these are enterprise-grade, high-visibility, and enterprise-wide apps required to be produced quickly and supervised by expert developers.

MYTH # 3

Low-Code Requires No Programming

The drag-and-drop skills and templates form the basics of low-cost, speeding up the development and allowing independence to the technical committee to concentrate on the customization. If you take the help of a low-code platform, you will be able to update parts of your apps because low-code platforms allow you to go beyond visual design capabilities so that you may take advantage of programming.

MYTH # 4

Low-code Implies No Reusability and Collaboration

You may also hear this buzz because people think that the members working in a team lose the collaboration. After all, everyone working independently. However, it enables dispersed teams to begin being productive shortly but causes a lack of cooperation and efficiency. No worries, a low-code platform can support efficiency through reusable elements and collaboration.

# A Single Truth against These Myths

Low-code Platforms are All You Need

The best low-code platforms nowadays are proprietary. It is because the proprietary platforms offer more functionality. Many creators like to work with clear criteria and ignore proprietary frameworks any time they want. To tie the developers with the company’s enhancement schedule and upgrade, open-source code plays its role. Also, it facilitates them to obtain the benefit of the creativity and experience of developers all across the world.


So it’s time to forget about the myths and considering the impotence of low-code platforms. Hopefully, all your confusions are clear now, and you are thinking of choosing the best low-code platform. One such low-code platform is WaveMaker. It is perfect for people who want to take advantage of digital transformations. Contact here today!


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