Natural Spring Water in Georgia

I think we can all agree that spring water is the way to go when you’re making a choice on what bottled water to purchase. We, as consumers, have grown wise to the various terms that manufacturers use to hide what their product really is. Why would we pay extra for “purified water” that is sourced from the same municipal source that your tap water is from? If you’re looking for better taste, it’s a simple solution to look for natural spring water. Spring water comes from naturally occurring points where the pressure in the underground aquifer pushes water to the Earth’s surface. This means that spring water isn’t pumped, pushed, or pulled to the surface (or it shouldn’t be, but I’ll get to that later) – the Earth does all the heavy lifting. Spring water has been naturally filtered to remove any contaminants or toxins by the layers of soil and rock that it passes through on its way to the aquifer and it also picks up minerals and electrolytes that give it taste.

Manufacturers have picked up on consumers’ changing tastes and you’ll see more single-bottle and bulk spring water options in grocery stores and corner stores than ever. I love to see this because natural spring water is usually more sustainable and requires much less mechanical interference than purified or municipal water to end up on the shelf or in the bottle in your hand. Less energy needed to produce = less energy consumed = better for the planet in general. This great news about spring water being more sustainable is only true if your chosen bottled water manufacturer is doing their due diligence and harvesting spring water without digging, pumping, or over-siphoning and taking water from the surrounding community. RAIN proudly bottles natural spring water in Georgia; a state that sees its fair share of rainfall throughout the year and especially Rabun County where our facility is located. Last year Rabun County saw over 100 inches of rainfall, which keeps our Georgia spring water sustainable and free flowing with almost no impact to our neighbours.

Let’s dig a little deeper into spring water in Georgia (not dig as in dig for the spring because that would defeat the sustainability aspect) and what makes it taste so great and still be a sustainable option for your bottled water needs. Georgia sees an average rainfall of 80+ inches per year, which supports our growing population, wide range of wildlife, and our underground aquifers. This average annual rainfall means that spring water in Georgia has a high replenish rate in comparison to areas that see less annual rainfall. At RAIN, we harvest directly at the source in Tiger, GA deep in the Appalachian Mountains where our water has been filtered through two miles of granite before reaching our local underground aquifer where it has been collecting for thousands of years. Our spring completes the cycle of could to can by giving the underground aquifer a release and bringing this water to the Earth’s surface. While our water is being filtered down and subsequently forced back to the surface it ditches any toxins that it might have come into contact with while on the Earth’s surface and picks up natural electrolytes and minerals such as calcium that give it a refreshing taste. The reason some of your other natural spring waters have a different taste is largely in part due to the minerals in the layers of soil it has passed through – some areas have a more sulfur rich soil, some are higher in other naturally occurring metals or minerals – and all of this has a direct affect on the taste of your choice in bottled spring water.

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On the subject of taste – why does our Georgia spring water or Missouri spring water, etc. taste so much better than some purified waters or municipal waters? Well, besides the mineral makeup, natural spring water is not (or shouldn’t be) broken down and stripped of its natural mineral components. Purified water is running through a reverse osmosis system to remove any and all minerals, electrolytes, or natural elements that may have been present in the water beforehand (think, distilled water) and then has these elements added back in to give the water some sort of taste or flavour when you crack a bottle open and drink it. Natural spring water in general is simply filtered to remove sediment or any other larger.

particulates present in the water and processed through an ozonation system to remove any bacteria that may be present. This means your water is just as it was – no additives, no unnecessary chemicals like chlorine, no nothing. Just water. At RAIN, our natural Georgia spring water is captured passively underground before it reaches the surface and channelled into our plant where it passes through a UV system to remove any bacteria that could be present, then moves on through two series of filters to remove any sediment or large mineral particles, and is finally processed through an ozonation system as a final step to make sure your drinking water is safe. We like our water exactly as it is – Georgia spring water.

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Next time you’re looking to make a purchase – from a single bottle to bulk spring water or wholesale spring water – you’ll have a little bit more background on why that water tastes like it does, how it was processed before it got to you, and how the weather patterns around the spring’s location directly affect your purchase and the bottler’s neighbours. I’ll be honest, I never even considered all of this before, but now every time I grab a bottle of water that isn’t RAIN I find myself reading the “sourced from” information to figure out just where my product came from. When you grab a nice, cold bottle of RAIN to enjoy, rest assured you’re choosing an option that is truly sustainable and sourced from one of the best-tasting (I’m a little biased) natural Georgia springs. We love our customers and we love our water – which is why we leave it just as it was intended to be; naturally occurring and refreshing.

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