Natural stones are trendy!

Natural stones are increasingly used in the jewelry industry. Used as the main piece on bracelets, necklaces or even earrings, they are used to produce jewelry of unique beauty. In recent years, natural stone jewelry has been a real craze in the fashion world. But why is this sudden trend affecting women as much as men? Focus on these semi-precious accessories and their origin.

Customizable natural stone jewelry

Natural stones are made up of different minerals, which together produce a sumptuous burst of color . It is virtually impossible to duplicate their unique and rare beauty. Would you like to have a unique jewel in your collection? Opt for a model made from these famous stones!

Thanks to today’s technology, it is easier to work natural stones and shape them according to particular needs . They can be cut into beads to embellish a necklace, a bracelet or to be worn as earrings. Some jewelers make colorful pendants of geometric shape that easily find their place at the end of a precious metal necklace.

If you intend to opt for natural stone Wholesale Jewelry, you will have the choice of wearing it in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, etc. Whether in terms of color, shape or size, you can order a jewel that matches your taste and your desires. It is even possible to design yourself a unique piece of jewelry to match each of your clothes, to enhance it on any occasion.

Even if natural stone jewelry costs much less than gemstone models, you have just as much charm to wear them. They adapt better to different styles, elegant or casual, and you can wear them with jeans as well as with an evening dress.

To benefit from the virtues of lithotherapy

The aesthetic side is only one facet of natural stone jewelry. They are mostly used for their health benefits. Used in the field of medicine since the Middle Ages, these gems are endowed with specific powers that act directly on our body when they come into contact with our skin .

Most people who opt for natural stone jewelry are as interested in its healing abilities as they are in the beauty of the accessory. To give you concrete examples, here are some natural stones that are still used in the field of lithotherapy today:

Pink Quartz

This natural stone is widely used in oriental medicine to treat heart problems . It has the power to smooth blood circulation and improve the functioning of the heart. It is strongly advised to opt for a rose quartz jewel to treat your tension problems.

Moreover, it is also known for its soothing properties. This stone helps people with insomnia to quickly get back to sleep, eliminate fear and depression.


When it comes to treating stress problems and the illnesses that result from it, lithotherapists call on the powers of rhyolite . The minerals that compose it emit a wave that acts directly on the functioning of the liver. This natural stone is able to strengthen your immune system and helps fight viral infections effectively . In particular, wear a bracelet or a necklace adorned with rhyolite beads to speed up the healing of skin diseases such as acne or rashes.


A piece of jewelry with the opal as the centerpiece is perfect for people who suffer from digestive issues . This natural stone is known in the field of lithotherapy for its beneficial effect on all organs such as the stomach, the digestive tract and the intestines. 

Its use allows in particular to relieve symptoms such as gastric reflux. Namely that opal has other virtues to fight allergies, cleanse the liver of toxins and other impurities. It thus acts in the prevention against the formation of gallstones.


This natural stone is perfect for accelerating the healing of any disease affecting the joints: rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain. Wear a piece of malachite jewelry to strengthen your body and make your movements more fluid.

Natural stones to treat emotional and spiritual problems

Natural stones are also beneficial for curing physical and spiritual ailments . It is possible to treat certain psychological problems by wearing jewelry made with this material. Here are some gems that could be useful for people who suffer from daily discomfort:

Fire agate

This stone emits a positive energy that brings a sense of security to the wearer . Its use is particularly recommended in support to better cope with difficult times such as money problems, unemployment or illness. Keep it with you when you’re feeling overwhelmed and feeling depressed . Fire agate will help you take your courage in both hands and face the anxieties that ruin your life.


Worn as a necklace, amazonite is known for its comforting action . Permanent contact with this stone will allow you to more easily cope with your sorrows related to the loss of a close person or a family member. Lithotherapists also claim that it can improve your mood and restore your joy . Anyway, wear it on you to avoid depression in your corner and find the taste of life.


Wear jewelry made with axinite to better face your doubts about your future . This natural stone develops courage and clarity of mind. It will help you find effective solutions to problems that prevent you from moving forward in your personal life or in your career.


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