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If you applied for a new job in the past 20 years, you are probably familiar with the background check process. In these checks, employers use third-party services to find accurate information about prospective candidates.

This is done to verify the CV of candidates and to discover if they have the necessary work experience. It has become an inherent part of the job hiring process, so why not make it a part of your routine? When meeting new people, you cannot always be certain that they are honest about themselves. Luckily, and fast people search service can tell you the truth about others, and help you surround yourself with individuals who have your best interest at heart.

What is a fast people search?

First, let’s talk a little bit about what is a people search: it refers to finding people, or accessing their public records. Usually, people go to search engines and social media websites to find out more about others. However, the data in social outlets can be manipulated, as people on them are the ones who write about themselves. So, to get accurate information about others, you need to access records that are collected by official agencies: police departments, vital records offices, courts, etc.

Such records are called “public records”: they contain personal information that is legally accessible to others. So, it is kind of a background check on people, just not as a part of a hiring process.

What records can I access?

When you perform a fast people search, you get access to all the data that is held by official agencies and authorities in the country: birth records, marriage records, divorce records, criminal records, contact information, sex offender registration, and more. So, you can perform a name search about someone, and get a detailed account of their history.

Are all personal records public?

No. the great majority of personal public records are available to you, but not all. There are cases where records are sealed or expunged, and they cannot be viewed by the public. There is also the matter of juvenile records in the United States. Criminal records that pertain to juveniles cannot be accessed by the public.

How to perform a fast people search?

As we said, you can perform a people search by accessing official files. To do so, you can either contact all the agencies that maintain these records or perform an online search. If you need access to one type of record, a criminal record, for instance, this is the way to go.

However, if you want a detailed report of someone, you should use a fast people search service. is one of the largest public records resources today. You can access every public record with these websites, by simply providing the name of an individual. The search begins immediately, and you will be provided with a full report about the said individual.

There are cases where people provide a false name or an alias. If you cannot find the right person by using the name search, you can use the reverse phone directory that is also available to you on, and get a full report about the people in your life.

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