Neighbour Disputes: Everything You Need to Know

Neighbour disputes can be difficult to deal with! Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled a small guide on everything you need to know about neighbour disputes.

What is a Neighbour Dispute?

According to property giants Halifax, they have released a statistic that states that one in ten Brits across the country will inevitably end up having a property dispute with a neighbour. Additionally, they also state that since the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of neighbourly disputes has increased by almost three percent.

To put it simply, a neighbour dispute is essentially a disagreement that occurs between neighbours that results in feelings of friction and causes stress. There could be multiple reasons for a neighbour dispute to occur, for reasons including:

  • Too many late-night parties that aren’t strictly held at the weekend, as this could cause mass disruption.
  • Continuous noise complaints, whether that be due to children, animals or the residents just generally being loud.
  • Trees and hedges. Disputes usually take place as neighbours will begin arguing as to either who’s turn it is to trim or cut the trees, or who has the right to make executive decisions regarding the height or size of the trees or hedges.
  • Another common reason neighbours end up in a dispute is because of the boundaries surrounding their property. When homeowners don’t check the deeds on their property, it can sometimes become confusing as to who is actually the rightful person to make executive decisions about what should happen.
  • Shared walls and amenities are another reason as to why disputes occur. Whether you share a party wall, drains or even something such as a communal rooftop, this can cause huge disputes between neighbours.
  • If you or your neighbours are anti-social or violent, engage in animal nuisance, intimidation or vandalism- then these are the grounds for a neighbour dispute. When it comes to an extreme case such as this one, then your local authority may get involved.

How to Solve a Neighbour Dispute:

Talk to Your Neighbour:

It may sound obvious but speaking to your neighbour may just be the answer. Before you go in with any hasty actions, see if the situation can be dissolved amicably. You can try talking to them informally, either by knocking on their door or sending them a text, however, if the situation doesn’t seem to be getting resolved, then perhaps getting an official mediator is the better option.

Keep Evidence:

If you’re going to accuse your neighbour of instigating a dispute, then it’s vital that you keep evidence to prove this. This is especially important if you are going to take legal action. Take photos, videos, audio recordings, and a diary of the occasions where you have tried to address this.

Seek Legal Action:

If things progress for the worse, then your final option may be to seek legal action. Seeking a solicitor is a viable option, as they can provide expert advice that is specifically tailored to your situation.

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