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After a traffic accident, you can report the accident to a regional accident attorney in just a few minutes on, especially if you are located in Kansas City, Missouri.

With Royce Injury Lawyers, we have brought the time-consuming and nerve-wracking accident handling process into the digital present.

After a traffic accident, you can report the accident on Royce Injury Lawyer in a few minutes to a regional accident attorney, who will take over the entire accident process. For example, documents or images from the scene of the accident can be uploaded directly to the smartphone, or the power of attorney can be easily signed with a finger.

Best of all, we cover the legal fees incurred for our customers! What many injured parties do not know is that the person who caused the accident must always bear the legal costs. Only in a few cases does the injured party have to bear the legal costs themselves. So that the injured party does not hesitate to hire a lawyer to represent their interests, we examine the case and confirm that the costs will be covered before forwarding it to the accident lawyer. In this way, our customers can be sure that they will not be left with legal fees. Currently, the assumption of costs extends to the pre-court area, at the end of the year we will also expand our services to the judicial area.

Experience shows that with a specialized accident lawyer, many cuts in the out-of-court area can be averted. The injured party thereby receives hundreds, sometimes thousands of euros more than if he tries to deal with the accident himself. Traffic law is much more complex than a layman might think.

Why did you decide to start a company?

I worked in a law firm for several years and have noticed again and again how complex and stressful the settlement of an accident is for the injured party. For me it was clear: “there has to be a better way”.  Check out more information here,, especially for Kansas City pedestrian accident attorney.

So I did some research and realized that the more than 2.5 million accident victims every year have no easy way of reporting their accident from the comfort of their own sofa and then knowing “my accident will be handled by a real accident specialist from now on”.

At the same time, the motor vehicle insurers are trying to make the handling of the accident itself more convenient so that the injured party does not even have their claims checked by an independent lawyer. Victims often have the wrong idea that the insurance company is an independent institution that objectively examines and regulates compensation. That’s not the case. The opposing insurance company pursues its own economic interests: having to pay as little as possible.

What is the vision behind Royce Injury Lawyers?

We want to make the handling of a traffic accident quick, easy and fairer. The best way to do this is with modern software that is highly optimized for accident handling. Our goal is to save as much work as technically possible for clients, lawyers and workshops. In the legal area in particular, there is enormous potential for optimization that benefits the client.

An important component is, for example, a user-friendly online file in which the client can view all information in real time. He no longer has to call the lawyer countless times during the lunch break, but can conveniently view the information from his smartphone anytime and anywhere. In this way, the processing times can also be kept shorter. It usually takes less than three hours from the time the accident is reported to the lawyer processing the case.

From the idea to the start, what have been the biggest challenges so far and how did you finance yourself?

The biggest challenge is not losing focus while being receptive and adaptable to entrepreneurial opportunities. We financed ourselves with our own funds and have achieved solid seed funding. We now have regular inquiries from investors from various sectors.

Who is the target group of Royce Injury Lawyers?

The target group is every motorized road user who has been involved in a traffic accident through no fault of their own. We work closely with workshops, appraisers and car dealerships, but also with insurance agencies, who all have a common goal: to help people after a traffic accident.

In addition, we look after company fleets that outsource the entire claims process via and at the same time can see the processing status clearly via their own online access. This can be done with a mouse click via our interfaces and the case is up to the pedestrian accident lawyer Kansas City.

How does Royce Injury Lawyers work? What are the advantages? What distinguishes you from other providers? is very simple platform of pedestrian accident attorney: enter your place of residence, select an accident lawyer, and report the accident – that’s it! We then check the assumption of costs before forwarding them to the lawyer and, after checking, forward the accident to the lawyer for further processing. Every customer of Royce Injury Lawyers can be sure that his legal fees will be covered.

If we are unable to determine any overriding prospects of success based on our preliminary assessment – example: drunk driving, single-vehicle accident, grossly traffic violation behavior – we will refuse to assume the costs and will not forward the case to the lawyer, so that the injured party does not incur any costs.

We finance the legal fees from revenue for our legal software. We want to actively give something back to our customers.

Where are we headed? Where do you see yourself in five years?

We work very intensively on improving the legal protection of our customers and are constantly expanding it with our lawyer software so that claims can be asserted and enforced up to twice as quickly. In addition, we want to supplement the offer with additional services that further simplify the handling of the traffic accident, especially in cooperation with other partners.

In five years we will be offering many more legal services related to cars that will lead to more justice.

Finally: What 3 tips would you give to prospective founders?

The first and most important tip: nothing works without the right founding team that complements each other in every respect. Second tip: focus. You can’t achieve goals without focus. Third tip: keep it simple.

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