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There are many songs released online also on Youtube. We are already comprehensive Telugu songs that Telugu song has impressive power to attract one person within few times. If you once listen to Telugu songs, then you must fall in love with Telugu songs. You have already listened to many songs, and now it’s the best time to listen to a Telugu movie love song.

Today we came here with some Telugu love songs which are very interesting, and you can listen to these songs. Also, you can download songs from naa songs even it is the most popular site. Also, it is the most popular site, and you will find an excellent site for download any Telugu movie songs.

Saranga Dariya

The song is from the movie name Love Story which is the most popular Telugu movie. The song name is Saranga Dariya which has crossed 229 million views on Youtube. It is the most popular songs which singer name was Mangli, and the backing vocalists were Sinduri Vishal, Sushmita Narasimhan.

Sunday Ashok Teja was the lyric writer of the song, and the songs have been marked as heart-touching songs. Even Pawan CH was the music director of this love song, and the song has crossed millions of people hearts.

Putten Prema

Ram Miriyala was the singer of this romantic song which is the most popular song at this time. Now the song has won many people hearts, and just one month ago, this song was published on Youtube. Already this song has crossed 1.7 million views on Youtube. Bhaskarabhatla was the lyrics writer of the songs, and Ram Miriyala also the music director of the song.

Lathe Lathe

Harika Narayan and Sahithi Chaganti are the song singers whose lyrics writer of the song was Ramajogayya Sastry. V. Venkateswarlu was also the music director of the song. Vickey was the recording director of the songs. Also, the song has crossed 50 million views on Youtube, and the song is the most popular at this time-wise. So it is the best time to listen to these songs, and the song has been marked as the best song.

So after a long thesis of Telugu movie song that is recently launched online, they still create hype on social media and online space. So if you want to know about Telugu songs, you need to follow and download songs. So telugu songs download is the best way to listen and cheer up with the song.

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