On the History and Evolution of China’s Largest Cities

Many people know that China is the country with the largest population in the world. Currently, China has more than 1.4 billion people. On top of that, it is tied with Italy for having the most UNESCO sites in the world, sites renowned for their incredible cultural and aesthetic appeal!

Not only does China have the largest population in the world, but it has one of the oldest histories of any country on Earth. Many of the largest cities in the world are in China. They have a long and beautiful history of change over time.

Read on to learn a little more about the fascinating history of a few of China’s largest cities!

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has a population of more than 7 billion people. It is a fascinating fusion of both eastern and western culture. While it was formerly a British colony, it was returned to China back in the 1990s.

Hong Kong has an incredible 260 islands that are part of it. It also boasts a beautiful range of temples, colonial buildings, and modern skyscrapers!

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Although Beijing may be slightly more famous, it is actually Shanghai that contributes the most to China’s population. As the most populous city in China, it is a center of economics, trade, production, and culture.


Beijing is the ancient capital of China. It has long contributed a major influence to the country’s culture. Although there have actually been 7 capital cities throughout the history of China, Beijing has been the capital for more than 800 years!

The Great Wall of China is easy to visit from Beijing. This incredible sight was originally built to protect the northern part of China. Over the centuries, it was extended again and again until it protected a huge tract of land.

You can also find the famous Imperial Palace in Beijing. It has hundreds of rooms and is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


Tianjin is a huge city that has almost 16 million people! It bears the nickname “the diamond of the Bohai Gulf.” If you can get over just how big it is, it is also a huge industrial and trade center.

It lies next to the Haihe River, the largest river in the north part of China.

Learn the Amazing History of China’s Largest Cities

We hope that you were able to learn something interesting from this brief review of just a few of China’s largest cities. China has such a rich and incredible history that you could spend a lifetime learning just its beautiful facets. There are a long list of wonderful places to live in China.

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