One of the Smoothest there is

Wearing silk has been a tradition for over 5,000 years. Although the type of people who wore a short silk dress has varied throughout the years, the delicate textile has been utilised for practically everything. The reason why silk has been so famous and the advantages of wearing it are listed below.

1. Prevents the consequences of ageing

Ever wake up with lines and red markings on your face? Your cotton pillows and garments cause those. Silk is the best option to prevent this and keep you looking and feeling fresh. Not only does a silk pillowcase feel amazing on your skin, but adding to that, several specialists think silk may also help minimise the effects of ageing.

Silk has a natural protein and various amino acids, and new research shows they may help your face lines and wrinkles seem smoother and less apparent since it soothes the nervous system.

Additionally, silk also includes natural compounds that speed up your skin’s metabolism. This implies your skin cells grow and mend more rapidly than usual while sleeping with silk.

2. Reduces hair breakage

Much like the skin, cotton may be rough on sensitive hair too. If you’re continually touching the same sections of hair against cotton, it might result in breakage. This could startle people since cotton seems smooth to the touch, yet it grabs and pulls at individual strands, causing damage and breaking.

The inherent characteristics of silk may assist decrease friction which typically causes damage, such as broken ends. This is because silk does not rob the hair of natural oils the way other textiles do; instead, it aids in retaining moisture.

3. Let’s your skin breathe

They believe silk is a beauty addict’s prefered fabric! Silk works wonders for the skin. While synthetic and natural materials retain air inside the fabric, a short silk dress enables air to travel in and out of the fibres while you sleep, enabling fresh oxygen to pass by your skin.

This helps your skin breathe and feel rejuvenated – great for persons with eczema and other skin disorders. Made from long, silky strands that are not abrasive on your skin, the smooth texture of silk eliminates irritation to delicate skin.

4. Keeps you calm and relaxed

There is nothing worse than feeling overly heated while attempting to sleep. Some folks run on the warmer side, and staying calm while sleeping might be tricky. For persons in a similar circumstance, silk is the optimal fabric option since it can collect and exhale human body perspiration swiftly, liberating the moisture more quickly than other fibres.

Another benefit of this versatile fabric is that it helps regulate our body temperature while sleeping and prevent sweat. This is great for persons who live in hotter locations, ladies going through menopause, and those who feel their body temperature runs a bit higher.

5. It Makes sleep even more restful.

Silk may lower stress factors for our body and assist in a more profound rest. Its cooling impact during hot summer evenings and warming quality are due to the fabric’s tightly woven fibres, making silk an optimum option for sleepwear and providing a more pleasant sleep.

6. One of the cleanest and safest textiles to wear

Our sleeping quarters may become a breeding ground for fungus and other bacteria, yet silk is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dirt, mould and mildew.

The cleanest and safest alternative for your family to sleep on, silk is a material that these bacteria cannot attach to or develop on as they may with cotton or wool. Choosing silk means you may also avoid the plethora of allergy symptoms and diseases caused by these terrible microorganisms.


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