One Piece characters: Character study, storyline, and impact of manga in society

Manga is the Japanese version of comics mostly. These books contain visual storytelling methods. Though manga was initially a tremendous literary form of Japan’s native people, in the early 2000’s it became massively popular. Nowadays, you can find famous manga hardcopies in any nearby bookstore. What makes these manga books so exciting and attractive? The answer is diversity. Manga is a different universe with several types of storylines, characters, and personalities. Unlike most comics, manga tends to be longer with more details. Nowadays, you will see TV adaptations of manga stories, and most of these shows cross over a thousand episodes. Not to mention manga includes minute detailing and several twists along the way. It is a very effective method to keep the readers hooked. People tend to connect more with the characters with time and development. So, manga became a popular and effective alternative to most children’s and adults’ entertainment options. The cultural difference was another critical factor. Japanese and eastern culture is way more different than the western ones. The manga was one of the first and most subtle literary mediums to introduce eastern culture. Undoubtedly the world is loving the east and willing to know more. Here in this article, we will discuss a famous manga called One Piece. One Piece characters are massively favorite, and each one of them has a different motive in the series. It makes one Piece very unique with diversity, relationship tangles, and inner fights. Let us jump into the details.


A protagonist is mainly the leading character. Sometimes characters that change the storyline’s course and bring out new dimensions are also familiar as protagonists. One-piece Manga has mostly humans as the protagonists and initial characters. But, along with the story, we will discover the presence of dwarfs, giants, mermaids, and fishermen. Sometimes one or two mermen also appeared in the story. These characters had supernatural powers to change events in various ways. In current times, we are bringing a dwarf or giant as a magical power might be awkward and culturally inappropriate. But, we are talking about a time of pirates and magicians who believed in the magic of the sea. So, it is better to keep our modern-day ethics aside and try to correlate with the timeline. The main protagonist of this series is the Straw Hat. The straw hat is a title. Monkey D. Luffy is the person behind it. Luffy wants to be king of pirates and continue the legacy of Gol. D Roger. The gift of ruling the sea and finding the treasure of One Piece. Luffy alone could never do it, so he started recruiting members.

Roronoa Zoro is one of the first recruits on Luffy’s team. Later on, we see the team as the Straw Hat Pirates group. Zoro is another influential member and impactful character here. A young aspirant who wants to be the best sword fighter and is already a three-sword-wielding combat expert. The story progresses with another recruitment, and The name is a female lead who is a brilliant navigator and a thief. This character changes the view on female pirates completely. Unlike most other female leads, Nami was very significant to the storyline and not only eye candy. She also had a personal agenda which we will discover along the course.

Additional characters

One Piece is not a mere book but a universe itself. It introduces you to a vast world and every event of it with details. So, one Piece has more than sixty-seven characters. Sanji was the cook and an expert martial artist of the team. When it comes to battling hand to hand, leaving the swords behind, no one can beat Sanji. Usopp is an inventor and improviser. If anything goes wrong with the vessel or equipment during a sail, Usopp will take over and fix the things. The team has an archeologist called Nico Robin. Nico helps the team to find important archaeological landmarks leading to one Piece. Human recruitment ends here. Then comes Tony Tony Chopper, who is a doctor and an Anthropomorphic reindeer. Franky is a cyborg shipwright. Initially, The Straw Hat pirates had a ship. But it was old and very minimal. During one of the fights, straw hats lost their boat. Franky was the savior to build up the Thousand Sunny. Though this thousand sunny also breaks down in a war, Franky ultimately fulfills his dream to be the best shipmaker around. Here Brook is a musician. The exception is, Brooke is a skeleton musician, and he is dead. Then comes the Fishman, Jimbei.

Storyline analysis

Many would say or assume that One Piece is an adventure Manga. It is valid to the most extent. One Piece revolves around finding a treasure. It includes fights and wars between pirates and the World Government. But, things are not this straight only. Straw Hats are not the only aspirants to find the treasure of One Piece. Four Elders or the pirate kings of the oceans are behind One Piece too. So, the storyline includes a lot of violence, cheating, backstabbing, and such negative emotions. But, if you analyze the storyline deeply, it will reveal the true essence of One Piece. One Piece is not only a treasure hunt game. People in this race are chasing their dreams. Luffy dreamt of being the Pirate King from the age of nine. Initially, he joined several pirate shanks. But, one after another, Luffy did not find his inspiration until Luffy met Gol. D Roger. Gol was a great mentor, and after losing him, finally, Luffy could gather the courage to find people. It is how The Straw Hat came to life. It took several more years and much violence to achieve Luffy’s dream. But, it was a dream worth the risks. A seaman adopted Nami when she was younger. But, soon enough, she got to know about the brutal murder of her mom. So, leaving everything behind, she joined Straw Hats for revenge and fulfilling her dream.


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