Online Skills Testing – The Easiest Way To Assess Candidates

When it comes to candidate skills testing, nothing beats using great online skills testing software.

The need for pre-employment skills testing springs from a variety of reasons. And a candidate skills assessment software will help with each of these reasons.

The Four major reasons to never skip candidate skills testing.

1. Filter a large number of applications

It is great to have a solid number of applicants to choose from. But a sudden influx of candidates can be difficult to manage, especially if there is a limited amount of time. Hence, recruiters can employ skills testing to quickly go through each applicant and observe whether they have the required skills for the role. Using online skills testing software helps reduce the hiring process as evaluating candidates online is quick, easy and effortless.

2. Assess for volume hiring

When recruiters have to fill a number of similar roles, the easiest way to find ensure that all candidates are of comparable skill level and knowledge is to measure their capabilities, attitude and experience. Candidate skills testing software makes it easy to test any number of applicants. The test is easy to administer whether it is one individual or a large group of people. For high volume recruiting, it is best to have pre-employment skills assessment as an integral component.

3. Confirm skills to ensure no exaggeration

Job seekers are not immune to skills exaggeration. There can be different reasons for this. But it is a recruiter’s job to check and confirm that an unsuitable and unqualified candidate doesn’t get the job. Making the wrong hiring decision will be costly when the employer finds out that the new employee isn’t actually capable of carrying out their responsibilities. Therefore, having the candidate sit for quick skills assessment is useful.

4. Promote unbiased hiring

Recruiters must be fair and objective when choosing candidates to present to client companies. However, sometimes one cannot control unconscious bias. But using an employee skills testing software is very helpful and it helps to eliminate bias as it comes with its own set of standard questions. These are prepared by professionals and the software marked the test automatically so that it is all fair and unbiased. The most suitable candidates will be clear when recruiters check the test results. Then they can engage the appropriate candidates in advertised positions.

Convenient for recruiter, candidate and hiring company

Online skills testing software makes it very simple for every single party. There is a significant portion of time saved and easy access to the tests and the results. It can be used alongside the agency’s recruitment software to get the maximum benefits.

For recruiters, all they need to do is select the appropriate test to send to their candidates. There is a vast library of tests to choose from. They can use MS Office skills tests or numeracy skills tests for an office-based role. If it’s to hire an employee for a writing position, a quick writing or literacy skills tests can determine their spelling and grammar knowledge. Psychometric testing can be utilised to assess candidates in every industry.

Candidates benefit from online skills testing due to the ease of access. They will receive a test link. They can take the test at any time from anywhere. All they need is a computer device and an internet connection. Each skills assessment test will usually have a few sample questions so that candidates can get an understanding of the test structure and have a go at it before the final test.

The hiring companies benefit from employee skills testing because it means that each candidate has been vetted. The test results help spotlight each candidate’s strengths and potential. Employers can make smarter hiring decisions based on these test results.


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