Online Slot Laws in New York and Delaware: A Comprehensive Overview

The world of online gambling has seen significant growth over the past few years, and many states in the United States have started to explore and implement legislation related to online casino gaming, including online slots. In this article, we will delve into the specific laws and regulations governing online slot gaming in two states: New York and Delaware. We will examine the current legal status, licensing requirements, and potential future developments in these states.

Online Slot Laws in New York:

As of the time of writing, online slot gambling, including online slots, is not yet fully regulated in the state of New York. The state’s current laws do not explicitly allow or prohibit online casino gaming, and no licensed online casino operators are authorized to offer their services to residents of New York.

Land-Based Casino Gambling in New York:

While online casino gaming remains unregulated, New York does have a well-established land-based casino industry. The state allows for commercial casinos, tribal casinos, and racinos (casinos located at horse racing tracks) to operate legally.

The four commercial casinos in New York are:

Resorts World Catskills

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady

del Lago Resort & Casino

Tioga Downs Casino Resort

In addition to these commercial casinos, the state is also home to several tribal casinos, operated by Native American tribes under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). These tribal casinos are regulated by compacts between the tribes and the state government.

 Online Sports Betting in New York:

While online casino gaming, including online slots, is not yet regulated in New York, the state has taken steps to legalize and regulate online sports betting. In April 2022, the New York State Gaming Commission selected several sports betting operators to offer online sports betting in the state. However, the focus has been on sports betting, and there have been no significant developments regarding online casino gaming at this time.

Legal Developments and Future Prospects:

New York has shown some interest in expanding its gambling options to include online casino gaming. In early 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed legalizing online sports betting and online casinos as part of the state’s budget. However, the discussions surrounding online casinos have faced various challenges and opposition.

As of now, the future prospects for legal online slot gaming in New York remain uncertain. Any significant developments or changes to the state’s gambling laws would likely require legislative action, and it may take time before a comprehensive online casino gaming framework is established.

Online Slot Laws in Delaware:

Unlike New York, Delaware has taken a more proactive approach to online gambling. The state legalized online casino gaming, including online slots, through the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act in 2012. The Act allowed the state’s three licensed racinos to offer online casino games to residents and visitors of Delaware.

Licensing and Regulation in Delaware:

The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is responsible for regulating online casino gaming in the state. Online casino operators must obtain a license from the DGE and adhere to strict regulations to ensure the integrity and fairness of their gaming offerings.

Delaware’s three licensed racinos that operate online casinos are:

Delaware Park

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Harrington Raceway & Casino

Interstate Online Poker Network:

Delaware is also part of an interstate online poker network, along with Nevada and New Jersey. This network allows players from these three states to compete against each other in online poker games, creating a larger player pool and more significant prize pools.

Responsible Gaming Measures:

Delaware takes responsible gaming seriously and has implemented various measures to protect players. Online casino operators in the state are required to provide responsible gaming tools, such as self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and access to gambling support services.


The legal landscape for online slot gaming varies between states in the United States. While Delaware has embraced online casino gaming and offers a regulated and licensed environment for slot online, New York is still in the process of considering its options.

In New York, online gambling remains unregulated, and there have been no specific provisions for legal online slot gaming. However, the state has shown interest in expanding its gambling options in recent years, with discussions about online sports betting and online casino gaming.

As the landscape of online gambling continues to evolve, it is essential to stay informed about any legislative developments and changes in each state’s laws. For those interested in playing online slots, it’s essential to adhere to the laws and regulations in their respective states and to engage only with licensed and reputable online casino operators.


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