Online Slot Machines vs Casino Slot Machines – Which are Better?

Slot Machines have been around since 1894. Of course, they were all real physical games, available to play in casinos by depositing real money and pulling the lever to try your luck. But with the advent of the internet came the proliferation of online gambling, and slot machines translated quite well into digital format.

Online slots are getting more and more popular, especially in countries like Indonesia. In Indonesia, they call it judi slot online which means online slot gambling.

Obviously, there are differences between playing online and playing in real life. But is one way better than the other? What are the pros and cons of each? Read on to find out!

Playing the Slots in the Casino

Let’s start with the real thing. A slot machine in a casino is going to be vastly different to play on compared to its virtual counterpart on a website or app. For starters, you engage with the machine physically, and for some people, this is the whole reason why they play. It’s much the same as why people still prefer to buy real paper books instead of using an e-reader.

There’s a lot to be said for the tangible experience of doing something with your own hands on your own terms. You touch the lever, you press the buttons, you put your own cash in with your own hands. It’s a real, physical, one-on-one experience between you and the machine.

And let’s not forget the experience of being in the casino. The atmosphere is a large part of why people enjoy gambling in casinos in the first place. The drinks, the revellers, the lights and sounds of the place. They’re all conducive to a good gambling experience, and you don’t get that when you play online.

Unfortunately, that’s about where the unique positives of land-based casino slots end. The reality of the situation is this: casino slot machines are more expensive.

It’s a lot cheaper to run an online casino site than it is a real-life one, and as such, the base wager for a physical slot machine is always going to be higher. Plus, your options are severely limited to what is available in the casino as opposed to online, where you can visit countless different sites until you find the slots game you want to play.

And how much easier is it to pull your phone out of your pocket, or switch on your laptop, than to get dressed up, drive to the casino, find the slot machine you want to play, wait for it to become available, and then to keep playing until you win? It’s not hard to see why online slots have seen a boon in usage compared to brick-and-mortar casinos in recent years.

Playing the Slots Online

We know it’s easier to gamble online. Most of us are glued to a device of some description for most of the day, all it takes is one click to an app or website, and you’re playing your favourite slot machine in seconds.

Not only is it easy, but there’s more to choose from as well. If one site is too expensive, there are hundreds more to try instead. All with different games, different wagers, and different pay-outs.

Another upside to online gambling is the number of bonuses and promotional offers available on these sites. Many will offer a sign-up bonus, a free initial deposit, or a referral scheme. You won’t get any of that at a regular casino. The Ufabet168 is one of the most popualr casino games where you can earn real money.

As mentioned earlier, online casinos are far cheaper to run. This means that the RTP (return to player ratio) is much higher, and some online slot machines have pay-out ratios of between 95% and 99%!

The high betting limits of casinos can often be off-putting to beginners and casual gamblers. With online slots, limits are more wide ranging. Many games are only a penny-per-play, and there are plenty of slots online that go high enough to satisfy more experienced high-rollers.

So there you have it, the good and bad of slot machines, both virtual and physical. It’s easy to see why online slots are so popular. Their convenience, variety, and ability to cater to all kinds of gamblers has pushed them far ahead in the battle to stay relevant. So enjoy gambling online, but remember to do so responsibly!


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