Online Teaching Through Mobile- Tips and Tricks

We have seen lots of technological developments over the past few years. It includes technology such as wireless technologies for communication, mobile devices, portals for sharing information, and many more. As a result, the transformation we can observe in our society. It has changed our way of communicating, creating, sharing knowledge, reclaiming, and socializing. 

Teaching and learning tools used in educational activities include information and communication technologies. Also, you can see advanced technologies in all Academic Institutions to improve their learning and teaching. It provides excellent opportunities to both teachers and learners. 

Mobile technologies have a significant impact on teaching and learning. It has increased the effectiveness of teaching. Teachers can now use mobile phones to search topics, share information irrespective of time and place. Earlier teaching was limited to mortar classrooms. 

Now, let us briefly understand the concept of mobile learning. 

Mobile Learning Definition

The actual definition of “mobile learning” is still ambiguous. According to our search, mobile learning is a learning model that helps learners access learning materials any time by using the internet. Features of mobile devices are-

  1. It is available for everyone and budget-friendly 
  2. Easily portable and available at the comfort of your home
  3. Flexible hours, depending on the schedule
  4. Attracts learners across the globe
  5. Used in the learning process, without any Hassle

Various applications of mobile technologies that we are using for teaching and learning contain general software, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, language learning, mathematical problem-solving software, and more. Mobile learning is different and unique from other learning technologies. What makes it unique from the crowd is its mobility. 

The sudden outbreak of COVID- 19 has resulted in the integration of online teaching and learning. As a result, all the institutions around the globe have started online teaching facilities for their students. 

Ways of Teaching Online Through Mobile

There are various ways/ tips for smooth online teaching through mobile. These are- 

  1.  Determine and Set the Goal- An educator needs to know learners, their behavior, capacity, and last but not least, their mobile access and internet connection.
  2. Video and Audio Recording – Every student has a different learning capacity. Some can grasp the concept at once, while some need time. So! To improvise your teaching and student learning, you can use a mobile to record the chapter you have just completed and share it with them.
  3. Create Poll or Quiz Tools in Real-Time- For formative evaluation, you can create live Quiz or Poll tools that work as welcome and exit tickets in an online classes app. In simple words, you can make use of this tool for taking online attendance. There is no need to ask for raising hands. Live polling tools are of various types- some are chargeable, while some are free of cost. These tools help monitor each student’s strengths and weaknesses and give personalized instruction to them when needed.
  4. Chats and Online Discussion- With the help of a group chat feature, you can create an online discussion forum. It will encourage and initiate class participation on the ongoing topic from any place. Through this platform, students can resolve their doubts about the subject and can answer the question asked. It will be a quick way to clear all the doubts of students at once in Online Teaching.
  5. Make a Use of QR Code-“QR” stands for Quick Response. We use QR codes to get access to audio, video, short text, and many more. Also, you can share links, complex diagrams, images, and solutions using QR codes. It requires more effort than usual to create lesson and study material in encryption with QR codes. Students can check their work with the help of response keys generated by QR codes. 
  6. Make the Use of Analysis and Statistics Tools– It helps in monitoring the progress of the student. They are helpful in planning and designing the course, which will show results soon.


We have listed all the significant points that you require for smooth online teaching through mobile smooth online teaching through mobile. We advise you to go through these easy tips and explore more about teacher education online and excel in your profession.

That’s all for now. For more such information and updates, Bookmark our page and stay tuned with us! 


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