OSWAP top 10: a guide for developers to counter risks

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a developer community that develops documentation, tools, and technologies in the field of web application security. It was founded in 2001. OWASP top 10 mobile is a list that lists the many sorts of security dangers that mobile apps face around the world and also serves as a reference for developers who want to create secure applications using excellent coding standards.

Enlisted below are the OWASP Mobile top 10 risks.

  • Improper Platform Usage- This risk includes the improper use of platform security settings or the misuse of an operating system feature. This could include Android intents, platform permissions, the Keychain, or other platform security measures.
  • Insecure Data Storage– This OWASP risk alerts the developer community to simple ways for an adversary to gain access to vulnerable data on a mobile device. An attacker can obtain physical access to a stolen device or use malware or a repackaged app to get access.
  • Insecure Communication– Data is often transmitted to and from a mobile app via a telecommunications provider and/or the internet. Hackers capture data by sitting in the customers’ local area network via a compromised Wi-Fi network, tapping into the network via routers, cellular towers, or abusing the infected app via malware.
  • Insecure Authentication– When a mobile device fails to detect the user correctly, an attacker can log into the app using default credentials. This occurs when an attacker imitates or circumvents authentication methods that are either lacking or poorly designed.
  • Insufficient Cryptography– Weak encryption/decryption processes or flaws in the algorithms that trigger encryption/decryption processes make data in mobile apps susceptible. Hackers can obtain physical access to a mobile device, monitor network activity, or read encrypted data by installing malicious apps on the device.
  • Insecure Authorization– Insecure authorization, unlike insecure authentication, entails the adversary exploiting flaws in the authorization process to log in as a legitimate user. Insecure authentication, on the other hand, entails the opponent attempting to bypass the authentication process by logging in as an anonymous user.
  • Poor Code Quality– This risk arises as a result of poor or inconsistent coding techniques, in which each person of the development team uses a different coding practice, resulting in discrepancies in the final code or a lack of documentation for others to follow.
  • Code Tampering– Hackers prefer app code tampering to other forms of manipulation because it gives them complete control over the program, user behaviour, and even the entire mobile device. They frequently encourage users to download modified versions of popular programs from third-party app shops.
  • Reverse Engineering– Reverse engineering of mobile code is a typical event that can be exploited. External, widely available binary inspection tools are frequently used by hackers to examine the original app’s code patterns.
  • Extraneous Functionality-The development team typically keeps code in an app before it is ready for production to have quick access to it. This code isn’t necessary for the app’s operation, meaning it won’t be seen by the intended user once its life and it’s only needed during the development process.

This list assists in the identification of common vulnerabilities in mobile environments, such as OS, hardware platforms, security schemas, execution engines, and so on and helps developers to develop secure applications.


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