Outdoor Lighting Gives Home Style and Function – Tips to Buy the Right Size

When you go shopping for outdoor lighting consider the purpose because some customers want security and a few choose only for designs. If you know the purpose the outdoor lighting has to serve, choosing the right one becomes easy. Mentioned below are some purposes of outdoor lighting.

  • Improves curb appeal – Several exterior light fixtures can complement your home style and enhance curb appeal. It communicates to visitors your style sense before they enter the house. The post lights installed at the end of your driveway adds a welcome touch. For layered look install lights in several locations to maximize the curb appeal.
  • Creates cohesive look – To maximize the curb appeal use lightings of the same style or collection. It creates a unified look on the exterior.
  • Adds security and safety – Lighting helps to eliminate the dark corners, so predators have no place to hide. Have lights installed near walkways, patios, and doorways, so you have sufficient lights as you walk to the door without tripping over stairs in the dark or having to fumble for door keys in the dark?

For the best outdoor light fixture visit the online website of Led Light Expert with its office based in San Diego, CA. You will find an array of choices like –

  • Wall lights
  • Ceiling & hanging lights
  • Post & pier mount lights
  • Security lights

Tips to choose the ideal outdoor lighting fixture size

Wall lights

Wall lights are common outdoor fixtures you see on vertical surfaces of the entryway, patios, porches, and garages. They are durable and an appealing way for brightening the surrounding area and home. As this is a visible property fixture, you need to buy the right one.

  • If you choose a single fixture then the light has to be 1/3rd of the door height.
  • If you choose two fixtures for a single front door then the size of the wall light has to be 1/4th of the door height. If the front has double doors, then go a little large.

Many homeowners choose small lights for patio and porch walls, but the above formula is appropriate. You can find a paper matching the light size you are planning to buy and tape it at the front door sidewall. Stand at a distance and you determine how it looks.

Ceiling & hanging lights

If you have a covered veranda or porch or have no space to install wall light or need more lighting then ceiling lights or hanging lights is an ideal option. These fixtures are a beautiful addition to add brightness without any concerns about exposure to rain.

  • Remember the space has to be at sufficient height for hanging light accommodation.
  • Choose a design proportionate to the covered patio or porch’s dimension.
  • If the ceiling is low then choose ceiling-mounted light rather than hanging fixtures.

Post & pier mount lights

Mount post lights on post top, so are positioned in open-air settings. The majority of post-lights are designed for handling direct rain and moisture exposure. They are best for open patios and driveways. The post diameter may vary based on its design. The pier mount light fixtures appear like post lights. The dissimilarity is that they don’t have posts or poles. They are designed for direct installation on walls or column tops.

  • For post-mounted style, the standard height of the pole is 7 feet or 84”.
  • The fixtures are available in different sizes based on bulb numbers.

Security lights

Security lights offer flood-like brightness, which wards away potential intruders. There are dark or dim zones on the property that are seldom used like the side entrances or the side walkways. It attracts burglars, so installing security lights is an ideal solution.

  • Motion sensor lights trigger when they detect movements nearby. It is a great solution not just for extra security, but even for high-traffic zones like walkways and entries. The angle and range of the motion sensors differ from one design to another.
  • Dusk to dawn lighting fixtures – The lights are fixed with a special photo sensor that automatically switches on and off as the sun rises and sets. A hassle-free way to make sure that the lights are on whenever needed.
  • Hybrid – A combination of motion sensors & dusk to dawn features within a single fixture means you achieve both functionalities – security and lighting control from dawn to dusk.

Any type of exterior lighting you choose ensures quality and energy efficiency!


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