Penhaligon’s Perfumes – What’s Hot and What’s Not

You’ve probably heard about Penhaligon’s signature fragrances. Made exclusively in England, they follow William Penhaligon’s exacting instructions. Penhaligon’s offers over 70 different fragrances, grooming products for both men and women, scented candles, gift collections, and more. There’s truly something for everyone on penhaligon’s   website. So, what should you get for yourself?

Hamman Bouquet

The Hamman Bouquet and Penhaligon’s Bouquet share a common history and are similar in sex, but which is better? The former contains floral notes while the latter is cologne-like. Penhaligon’s Hamman Bouquet is a little more feminine, while the former elicits masculine emotions in men. It’s not surprising that both perfumes are highly popular. Inspired by the Turkish baths on Jermyn Street in Mayfair, Penhaligon’s Hamman is an oriental woody scent that is warm and luxurious. Its top notes are bergamot, rose, ores, and iris, while the base blends of sandalwood, amber, musk, and iris give this perfume a heady feel.

As Samira

The Woody Chypre fragrance As Samira by Penhaligon’s was launched in 2015. It was nosed by perfumer Christian Provenzano. The composition includes floral notes of carnation, jasmine, and saffron, along with a base of patchouli and leather. Overall, As Samira is a well-crafted fragrance. The woody notes of As Samira are especially pleasant, while the jasmine accords are particularly calming. This scent is inspired by the seaside city of Essaoiura, Morocco, which was one of the first ports in the nineteenth century to establish contact with London. Several commodities were shipped from the town to London, and it became a major trading port. The fragrance features top notes of bergamot and daana, as well as middle notes of rose, sandalwood, and labdanum, with a base note of cedar wood and musk.

Elizabethan Rose

Introducing Elizabethan Rose, a new scent from the Sweden heritage perfume house Byredo. First released in 1984, this fragrance was created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite flower. The top notes of the Elizabethan Rose scent include geranium and chamomile, with rose and violet at the heart. Woody notes, musk, and vetiver round out the base notes. For a feminine yet bold scent, Elizabethan Rose is a great option. It combines the elegance of Rosa fire with the sensual, voluble nature of rose. The heart is surrounded by much and Gigli rose, while vetiver and lignin give the fragrance a sensual base note. If you’re interested in getting a bottle, Penhaligon’s Elizabethan Rose fragrance is worth checking out. This fresh scent has been updated for the summer months. The regal rose accord, greenery, and magic of this scent have been brought together to create a perfume with a sophisticated character. A scent that is regal and commanding, Elizabethan Rose will be a welcome addition to any collection. A classic for a sophisticated woman, the fragrance is a fresh, energizing fragrance that will last throughout the day.


In her youth, Cynthia Rowley taught herself how to sew while she was still in school. Growing up in Barrington, Illinois, she attended Barrington High School and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She entered many fashion competitions and was once rejected from a show for a missing pair of wings. She then decided to start her own fashion label, and her first collection sold out in record time. After graduating from art school, Rowley moved to New York and received a Legend of Fashion Award.


Iris Prima is a new floral fragrance from Penhaligon’s that was launched in fall 2013. The scent was inspired by the English National Ballet, and was the first of two colognes launched by Penhaligon’s in 2013. Its enigmatic appeal is free of saccharine sentimentality. Instead, it exudes hard work, talent, and humor. Iris Prima is a gorgeous floral scent. The original scent, Hamman Bouquet, was a favorite. It was a classic scent, but this one is better. The original perfume was created by William Penhaligon, and it was named after a hammer located next door. Penhaligon’s stopped creating new scents in 1976, but a revival of the brand was begun by Sheila Pickles, who oversaw creative direction from 1976 to 1999. In 2008, Nathalie Vinci Guerra took over the brand. Sheila Pickles has done wonders for Penhaligon’s, and the brand has never been stronger or more luxurious.


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