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Here is a quick review of the Huawei fit. The Huawei fit elegant as the name suggests is the elegant version of the simple ongoing fit, which was launched in 2020 very smartly. Huawei has now renamed the same match with some changes in the design. It has the same fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid combination but comes with a polymer case and stainless steel body. It means the weight of the weight has a slight jump but still is wearable enough for a longer time. That watch wraps around that same slim screen offers the same sharpness. And bright screen which is easy to look at outdoors. The main difference would be the polished glass which gives an elegant look. Let’s go in deep on the Huawei fit elegant keep reading this article to know more about the watch.

About Huawei fit wearable watch

The Huawei fit elegant edition comes in 2 colors called frosty white and midnight black at the price of 110$ and 140$. That is the same price as the regular Huawei watch fit active edition. Talking about the design and display its and 46mm case with a 456X280 resolution AMOLED display, also it is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The same head-turning feature is that the companies have promised a more elegant design which companies have tried to achieve by swapping the polymer fiber case. The weight of the watch has gone up by 6gram from 21g to 27g, which one can’t notice on day-to-day use.

On the other hand, it’s the same smartwatch with the same fitness tracker and same operating system. The button on the left side of the watch, which has a wide range of sensors allows for a very long battery life and even gained the support of third-party apps. recently, the watch comes with 12 animated workouts and 44 standard movement demonstrations, which allows the user to coach and train them at home as well.

It has the support for tracking 11 sports games as well as running, swimming, or cycling. Also, there are 85 custom workout modes which bring a total of up to 96 in addition to that there is also heart rate tracking which also tracks the calories.

On the other hand, companies claim the watch has 10 days of battery life and sleep tracking as well. The testing usually last 7-8 days on a single charge including the use of running and swimming for hours and constant heart rate tracking, which is more than enough also, charging from 0 to 100% take 60 to 70 minutes which the charger comes in the box and snap instantaneously to the back of the watch.

Last word

The Huawei Watch is now an all-new version. But, the elegant edition just adds a bit of drama to the old active watch. The watch is excellently made, and the job is done for fitness tracking. It has good looks as well for some can be a true fashion statement in the world of so many smartwatches.

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