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Communication is a very important aspect in life. There are many instances where things have gone terribly wrong as a result of wrong messages. A very tragic incident has taken place in an Asian country long years ago. An execution of a condemned prisoner could only take place on the approval of the governor. In this case the governor read out his decision to the messenger “Hang him not, but release him” and the messenger interpreted this as “Hang him, not release him” and the prison went to execute the prisoner. Shows the importance in the accuracy of a message in whichever form it is conveyed, be it in the form of a text or by phone.

Long years ago, substitute to current messaging methods were by means of signs or gestures. With the progressive advancement of humans, written communication began. Currently writing is prevalent in every country. Years back communication in writing was mainly by letter sent via post whether local or overseas. People had to wait impatiently until a letter was received. Sometimes these letters were not received due to mishandling by postal officers, or the receivers address been incorrect. One could conclude communication by writing was not the best at that time. With the introduction and its mass usage of the smartphone communication took a 360 degree turn for the better. It is well known worldwide that the most popular and widely used text communication today is via a smartphone. Personal, family business, social or official texting via smartphone is the key.

Features of PixelLab – Text on pictures

To add more value and sophistication to all those communication by a smartphone a wonderful app to support is here. It is the PIXELLAB– Text on Pictures app. Here are some of its super features.

Primary with this app images can be edited by a 3D text or a drawing – imagine how much of quality that will add to an image. Select a sticker from one of the widest range of stickers.  Make the text attractive by adding shades to make them bright or light. Now give prominence by embossing the text message. Select and apply a colour. The user could apply a font he/she wishes or select from the hundreds of fonts on offer. Edit the stickers and emojis as you wish to suit the message. Do a drawing which will come out as a shape and by rotating and resizing it can be made artistic the way you want.

With all these features PIXELLAB will give ultimate value additions to those texts that will make them be exclusively in a class of its own. Customising to suit the user is at its optimum with these features. So, why settle for less?

Downloading PixelLab – Text on pictures

If you have the AC Market App Store with you then it is very easy and simple to download PixelLab – Text on pictures for free. If you do not have still then please go for this nice app store. Because it definitely offers something big for you. Download AC Market and enjoy PixelLab – Text on pictures right now to have a wonderful experience.

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