Premium Guard – The Best Car Window Tint Distributor in Florida

What is Car Window Tint?

So, you have decided to go for a car window tint, here is what you need to know about it:

Tint is a paper thin film that is attached inside the car windows to:

  • Protect from UV rays
  • Reduce Glare
  • Privacy
  • Make it easier to see

A car window tint is made of polyester base and some of its types block harmful UV rays coming from

the sun. These rays are harmful as they have high energy and can damage skin and eyes. Moreover, it

makes the car cooler as UV rays are filtered.

It also reduces glare as it doesn’t allow high energy light radiations to enter. Applying tint can also be a

great way for some privacy as thieves won’t be able to tell who’s driving.

How much does it cost to tint car windows?

It’s a question that every buyer in the world asks himself so we won’t leave you hanging. Will it cost too

much? Probably not. Should I go and buy the cheapest tint I find? No. There's a saying that don’t go and

shop from Uncle Sam’s house of irregular sweatpants meaning that you don’t want to make your car

look cheap.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a thousand bucks but a good 200 to 500 USD can help you find the

best tint for your car.

Here’s a link to Premium Gard for the best window tints:


Darkest legal tint in Florida:

So how much darker can I go? More importantly, how much darker is legal? Good question.

The US government has set certain standards as to how much darker and reflective a tint can be, mainly

for security reasons as darker tints don’t allow enough light to see inside, which makes it difficult for


Usually, the:

  • Windshield should be above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.
  • Front side windows must allow 28% of the light.
  • Backside windows must let in 15% of the light.
  • Rare window must allow 15% of the light in.

What is the best brand for Auto Window Tint?

Looking for a good brand can be tough especially when you have no idea about the market. Your best

bet would be to ask for suggestions from your local auto repair center. However, we would recommend

that you do your own research. Look for a brand that provides what you need. Here’s is what to look for

when buying a tint:

  • UV rays filter
  • Shatter resistance
  • Fog should not clog up glass
  • Vision should be crystal clear
  • Glare or haze shouldn’t hinder the vision

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a tint brand. After all, you are going to use that car for a

long time and you deserve the best.

Do you need a medical exemption for tinting car windows?

States have different laws and regulations when it comes to tinting but for darker tints, you must have a

medical exemption certificate. To obtain a regular tinting permit:

  • Login on http://www.npf.gov.ng
  • Click on Tint Permit
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Make sure to get your electronically generated permit

Sure you have tint but so does everyone and there’s a way to get an even darker tint then permitted. If

you have any of these conditions:

  • Cockayne Syndrome
  • Bloom Syndrome
  • Solar Urticaria
  • Xeroderma Pigmentosum
  • Albinism

you can get a darker tint than permitted. All of these conditions are related to exposure to sunlight. The

driver can get seriously ill and get severe sunburns if the windows are tinted normally. So, in some

states, you can get an exemption certificate to get an even darker tint windows.

Why Premium Guard?

At this point you must be wondering that tint is cool but how can i get one? Do I need professionals to

do the tint job on my car? Absolutely yes! Applying tint is no child’s game as it requires full attention and

someone who’s really skilled at it.

This is where Premium Gard comes in. With Premium Gard there is no stress. Feel light as a feather with

the premium car window tint services that the professionals at Premium Gard Provides.

Here’s what Premium Guard has to offer:


Choose from a Wide range of window tint supplies that the online store has to offer. With the leading

name in tint distributors, they provide options. Nobody likes to be cornered in choosing from either A or

  1. We want options and we want to choose. Look no further as Premium Gard has it all.


As a leading brand in the industry, Premium Gard is innovating and pushing the limits when it comes to

automotive parts. Fell free to check out:

  • Antarctic Nano Ceramic
  • Nano Ceramic Pro
  • Carbon Color Stable
  • Infinity IR

Chat Support:

Confused to choose from hundreds of products listed on the site? Chat Support is available 24/7 on

Premium Gard. Talk to professionals, choose what you like and order.

Free Shipping:

You don’t have to worry about expenses getting out of hands as free shipping is provided. Nobody wants

to get out of his home during the time of this crisis so Premium Gard does it for you.

Secure Payments:

Shop with a complete peace of mind as online transactions are 100% secure.


Want your car to look good? Or slightly darker that looks good on the outside and is safer from the

inside, for that matter? The answer is most probably yes that’s why you read this far. Welcome to the

cool guy’s club as you are going to need a tint job.

Now that you know what to buy and what to look for in a tint brand, check out Premium Gard’s latest

tints and choose what suits you.



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