Preparing the best birthday cake at home for your loved ones

Birthdays are exceptional occasions for us. It is one’s day to feel like the centre of attention, and a beautiful birthday cake can add to the joy only. It is why birthday cakes are so popular and an inseparable element of birthday parties worldwide. Earlier, there were only a few varieties of cakes available. Our granny’s used to make cakes using plain flour and whipping creams. As we developed so many baking techniques, nowadays there are several varieties of cakes available In the Market. For example, you can choose a birthday cake with name and photo nowadays very easily. It was no less than sorcery for kids even ten years ago. Here in this article, we discuss some baking tricks and tips to make the perfect modern cake at home. Please scroll below for the details.

Cake baking secrets

Baking and cooking are art forms. Everyone can follow a recipe, but the secret ingredient surely will make some difference in the taste, colour, and texture. For example, if you choose to prepare a fluffy and soft cake, you need to make the base airy. Slowly mix the flour batter with the egg white portion to avoid stiffness. It will help you to create air pockets within your batter and make the cake spongy. Different cake bases follow various styles of mixing and proportions. Initial steps usually remain the same.

Cake decoration

Cake decoration came a long way since the eighties. Before, we used to decorate a cake using only natural toppings. Fruits, fruit syrup, natural colours, dry fruits and nuts, a d such were the only ingredients to decorate a birthday cake. But, nowadays, we can use hundreds of different colour and essence varieties to decorate the cake. Nowadays, colour combining cakes or glaze cakes are getting very popular at parties. You can create a colourful cake very easily at home. First, take some whipping cream and mix different colours with the correct amount of sugar and gelatin. Stir the mixture continuously to prevent over thickening or

Forming any bulks. Once your mirror glaze is ready and silky in texture, pour it over the cake in different places. Now you need to let the colour drain and create a discreet image on the cake. It will look less like a cake and more like a piece of modern art. Your child and all the other invited members will feel nice having such a cake on the table.

Cakes with photo and names

Writing the birthday person’s name or wish letter is not very new. Before, bakers used to write on the cake to decorate with colourful whipping cream. Nowadays, there are edible colour clouds of dust available in the market. You can get an edible laser printer to stick your favourite photo on your cake. The printer will work similarly to a standard printer, except the Ink is entirely edible and food grade. So, it is also safe for the children. Fondant cakes are also getting very popular nowadays. Modelling clay-like fondants are very useful to create theme-based cakes, and It is also beneficial to shape the cakes well. The technique is effortless and easy. You can buy fondant sheets in the nearest dairy store or supermarket. Then take the fondant and spread it on the table before use to avoid any wrinkles. Once you get your desired consistency and colour, take the sheet and put it on the cake. Your cake is ready to design with your favourite colour and character theme. Some people complain that a lot of fondant makes the cake bland. You can use modelling chocolate in these cases.


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