Pros and Cons of a Camera People Counter






A people counter is a type of electrical device through which the number of people entering a particular place can be known. People have to be counted by entering different places for different reasons, considering all those aspects, the roll of the people counter device is vitally important.

Camera people counter can either have a single camera or a stereo camera technology.  The stereo camera people counters are the more accurate of the two.

Advantages of a Camera People Counter

The good aspects of every technology attract people, a system and a stereo camera system. Basically, the function of a single camera system is to detect specific objects, and the stereo camera system is capable of detecting objects, as well as the height of the objects.

  • The stereo camera system can accurately detect the exact distance of any object. Since it can determine distance from an object, it can eliminate shadows as potential “false hits.”
  • Unique computer machine learning algorithms are used in this type of technology at the touch of modernity. Through which it is possible to monitor and save data through computer vision.
  • With the help of modern computer learning algorithms, camera people can differentiate between people and inanimate objects. That is, they can determine people, shopping cart, and pets. Through this, all types of information can be saved by proper verification and selection.

Disadvantages of a Camera People Counter

One should know the good aspects of every technology and its bad aspects so that it is possible to avoid any problems in the future.

  • Camera people counters are usually very expensive. The price of products made through this technology is much higher than all other types of technology.
  • The camera people draws a quantity of power to operate the counter; therefore, it cannot be operated with a battery.
  • The installation process is more complicated, as it is mounted on the ceiling. In addition, the router and PC are to be connected via a cable. So the comparative installation process is more complicated than simple standalone systems.
  • Since its price is more costly, not everyone may be able to afford it. However, there is no need to worry; if you want to use a People Counter, there is no obligation for you to use Camera People Counter. You can buy other affordable people counters if you want.


Everyone wants to have the best things and enjoy all the benefits that are appropriate and necessary. Everything has both good and bad aspects, but the good aspects must be considered. But the bad aspects can never be ignored; you have to have the right idea about all the aspects. Then you have to use the appropriate technology based on the need and meet the need. Before using any device of any technology, get a good idea of ​​the pros and cons. After knowing the pros and cons of that device, buy the device and benefit from using it if you think the pros are efficient.

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