Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a house or rent one, most people are split between the two choices. So, today, we’re going to discuss both scenarios to help you make a better choice. Also, if you are planning to buy the property look for the Property for sale Marbella near you to get the best deal.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that play a major role in determining which choice you should make:

Are you Planning to Live in Your Current City Forever or for a Long Time?

This is the most important thing that you need to consider while deciding to buy or rent a property in UK
. Are you willing to live in the same location forever? If you have a job in which you can get transferred often, then purchasing a house isn’t for you.

Real estate investments involve an enormous amount of money and you cannot sell them whenever you like. Unless you buy a flat in Byculla, which is hot-cash as you can sell it whenever you want. Therefore, if you don’t have job certainty, then buying a house isn’t a wise choice as you will be bounding yourself to that city.

Can You Afford to Buy a House?

Affordability is another governing factor that will directly affect your decision. Can you afford to buy a house at the moment? We know that purchasing a house isn’t an easy job as it will involve a major portion of your capital. If you are a monthly-paid person, then a house will be the most expensive that you will ever purchase. For most salaried individuals, buying a property means taking a loan for arranging the amount.

Thus, you need to evaluate everything carefully, like how long you will stay in this city, distance from home to work? Only opt for buying when you have saved at least 25% of the deposit amount required for purchasing. This way, the loan that you will need to take will be less. Having said that, some banks offer special loan packages for top projects, such as Piramal Aranya.

Will you be able to Repay the Loan?

Undoubtedly, home loans are for long durations with easy monthly instalments, but still, you need to pay a handsome amount each month. So, before you get yourself into this quagmire, check whether you can afford to pay per month instalments or not.If you have low to moderate income, you can check to see if you are eligible for USDA home loans. These days you can easily get the majority of the flats in South Mumbai for sale on easy EMI loans. But the question is, do you have the ability to afford this long-term floater? Before taking any loan, make sure that you have enough resources to tackle any unforeseen circumstances like job loss or medical emergencies.

Can you Settle for a Small House?

The prices of properties are too high as the demand has increased. Amid this situation, to fit the house in your budget, many real-estate developers have considerably reduced the size of the property. You can now even find many small studio flats in Byculla too. But can you actually live in such a small place or do you want to live in it? Just because you don’t have the funds to afford a fancy house doesn’t mean that you have to cage yourself in a tiny one. According to experts, one should never buy a house they don’t seem suitable only because of the price.

Final Verdict

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions of your life. So, there’s no need to rush it; only go for buying a house that meets all your requirements. Until you can’t find one suitable, you can live on rent. The main reason that the majority of people living in big cities like Delhi & Mumbai rent a property is because of these above-mentioned issues.


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