Queue Management System Using Technology Text Messaging

Student flow and satisfaction are increased via a queue management system just as Universities and colleges need queue management systems. Student Services personnel must concentrate on retention and recruiting in today’s highly competitive higher education market. Queue management solutions that include integrated SMS text messaging are very successful. Student-centered retention methods promote involvement as a means of increasing student satisfaction. Student services workers use social media and other web-based channels to engage students, but SMS text messaging is frequently ignored as a robust engagement tool in higher education, with 97 percent of students choosing text messaging as their primary mode of contact.

What is Queue Management System?

Queue management system refers to the practice of controlling and optimizing lines in order to reduce end-user wait times and increase colleague productivity is known as queue management. The usage of interactive voice response (IVR) telephone technology is one of the ways Tasks manages queues.

Direct Communication

The school registration software systems do not address student flow, which lacks queue management and waitlist components. The enrollment and registration procedure is perhaps the most irritating and challenging for both students and administrative personnel. Students experience irritation and aggravation as a result of extended enrollment and registration queues. Regardless of how excellent the school registration software is, Student Services personnel are placed in no-win scenarios that result in low satisfaction, especially during high enrollment times. With an appropriate student flow design and a queuing system, most of this may be prevented.

Several schools have made financial expenditures in revamping student centers and administrative facilities to relieve congestion and improve student flow. Using an SMS text message queue management system in many instances is a more cost-effective alternative to facility remodeling initiatives. Redesign initiatives that include queue management systems that use the SMS text or a digital display are more likely to improve student flow than those that do not.

SMS Text Messaging is the preferred method of communication among students

Students want to be entertained on their phones. According to a 2010 survey, text messaging is one of the main reasons students move their computer and communication requirements to their mobile phones. According to Michael Hanley, director of Ball State University’s Institute for Mobile Media Research, 99.8% of college students use mobile phones, and 97 percent use text messaging as their primary mode of communication. Furthermore, text messages are viewed 97 percent of the time, with 85 percent being read immediately, compared to 33 percent of emails. As a result, texting is the most direct way to engage kids online.

Queue Management Systems in Higher Education

Queueing systems have shown to be successful in controlling client flow in a variety of industries. Delivered on a digital display is the traditional queue method. Queue systems that include SMS text messaging generate virtual waiting lines in which students may use their phones to keep track of their place in line without having to stand in line. When it’s their turn, pupils get a text message. Holding on the getting in some advanced systems, students can “text in” and interact with the queue system to check status inline or request additional time). SMS messaging, digital displays, and self-serve kiosks are standard features of today’s ideal digital queuing systems for higher education.

Student Service

Professionals in Student Services who want to improve student happiness by increasing customer flow should consider the return on investment that SMS queue management solutions may provide.


What else have the technology enable us to? It has given the opportunity to make the long hours work to be completed in short time as self-service kiosk which aids with doing business easily on self-service basis.


Fulcrum Design, LLC’s creator, Brandon Munson, MBA, is a technology, college lecturer, and healthcare executive. Fulcrum Design created Queue Mobile, a best-of-breed digital queue management software solution for colleges, hospitals, and restaurants that uses interactive SMS text technology and digital displays.


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