Quick Tips for Reviving Your Wardrobe






Are you totally bored with your wardrobe but don’t know how to build a new one? Are you afraid of making a fashion mistake? Here’s how to instantly add life to otherwise basic ensembles. Think contrast: For a sure way to make an elegant outfit, think contrast talkomatics. Use monochromatic pieces in neutral colors with an eye-catching accessory that stands out against the simple backdrop.

Think an all-black outfit with a thin gold belt and gold strappy shoes . . . a cream turtleneck and wool pants with a chocolate brown cashmere coat navy pinstripe pants and a navy button-down with a light caramel belt and shoes. Complementary and seasonal colors: Choose three of your favorite neutral ipick, then choose one or two seasonal accent colors.

Then all your colors will complement each other, dressing and packing will be easy, and the accent colors can change with the times. For example, choose white, cream, and tan as your neutral shades. Accent with aborigine and laden green for the fall/winter and with acid green and robin’s egg blue for the spring/summer. The statement piece: webvan

Dress simply, but pick one statement piece for each outfit. This is a piece that is colorful, sparkly, or artistic, goes against the wordupmagazine, or is just completely different from what we are used to seeing. Consider a white summer dress with a concha belt jeans and a pink button-down with a huge multi-strand turquoise necklace white shorts with simple silver hoops and sandals and a wild paisley print silk top. Trendy clothing:


Don’t waste your money on trendy clothing. Update your style with trendy accessories, such as shoes, costume jewelry, and belts. Your bank account and future wardrobe will thank you! Designer brands: Find a designer brand you can rely on for style and fit. Nothing is better than knowing you will always find something that you like and that looks good on you when you enter a store or online site weblo.

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