Quintrex 370 Explorer & Yamaha Outboards The Perfect Fishing Combination

Quintrex 370 explorer is one of the finest models of  tinnie Quintrex boats. Quintrex boats are the best boats for fishing purposes. They are made of aluminium and have revolutionized boats with the Apex Hull technology.  Quintrex 370 explorer is one of the finest models of tinnie Quintrex boats. This boat is a comfortable boat due the signature eclipse hull technology. Its speciality is that it comes with one-piece external Solid T Keel making the boat more heavy-duty. It is a boat made for true explorers who like to go fishing. With the addition of 

Yamaha outboards, it becomes a powerful boat which can be used for fishing and other water adventures.

What Makes Quintrex 370 Explorer Special?

For fishing purposes, Quintrex 370 explorer is the perfect choice. This boat is about 3.7 m long with a beam of 1.5 m. due the eclipse hull technology, the boat becomes super comfortable. The speciality about this boat is that it comes with a one piece external Solid T Kell which makes it sturdy. The 370 explorer weighs 81 kg with 60 kg as the weight of the motor. It has a power of 20 hp. It comes with a front deck, bench seats.solid corners and anchor gausset. Extra added features are rowblock locks, transom handles and glovebox. It has ample space for storage as well. It comes in two sizes: Quinnie with a long shaft which is appropriate for 3 people and the second type with a short shaft suitable for 2 people. This boat is stable because the eclipse hull accumulated with the V-shaped hull gives stability of a V-nose punt. These features of the Quintrex 370 Explorer makes it the perfect choice for fishing. 

Quintrex 370 Explorer Powered By Yamaha Outboard

Yamaha outboards are highly efficient and smooth to run. Plus, they are super cheap, reducing the total cost of building a boat. Using yamaha outboards in the Quintrex 370 explorer makes it super fast and smooth to run on the water. Thus, making the boat cut through water smoothly. Brisbane Yamaha sells Yamaha outboards at the cheapest prices in Australia making them the top seller of Yamaha outboards in Australia. Brisbane Yamaha is the  authorized Yamaha outboard service centre on the northside  offering outboard  repair services. 


Quintrex 370 explorer is the perfect option if you need a boat for fishing. It offers power upto 20 hp and weighs just 81 kg. The speciality of this boat is that it comes with a one piece external Solid T Kell which makes the boat extra sturdy. It has eclipse hull technology offering extra stability to the boat thus, makes the boat very user friendly. It comes in two variants: Quinnie (with long shaft) and second variant with shorter shaft. 370 explorer powered by Yamaha Outboards is a perfect combination as this will make it a perfect fishing boat. Brisbane Yamaha sells Yamaha outboards at the cheapest prices in Australia. They also offer outboard repair services. Thus, Quintrex 370 explorer will give you a stable and dry boating experience.  


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