Ramon Wholesale Sharks makes a Splash at Carl Hayden High school

Off late, Ramon was invited to speak at a health fair in Phoenix, Arizona, where hundreds of people gathered to hear him. During his high school years at Carl Hayden High School, Ramón played handball and was delighted to be asked by the event’s honoree to provide a motivational message. While Ramon’s real estate experience is highly known, he also works tirelessly to promote minority rights and be an outspoken advocate for the Hispanic community.

The rising up of his company

Ramon gave two free office days to a few young students who were intrigued and touched by the real estate wholesale shark.” Ramon Martinez is quickly becoming one of the most successful real estate brokers of the modern period. Wholesale real estate is his area of expertise. It only takes a few determined and hardworking people to keep the wholesale real estate industry flourishing. At this gathering, that was the primary objective. As part of the program, Ramon Martinez’s road to becoming one of the best real estate agents in the country was laid out in detail. His company, Wholesalesharks, is worth millions of dollars. Thus he was the perfect person to organize this conference. Since its content and deliverables were designed to be accessible, Wholesalesharks Presents 2.0 was organized easy to use. With Ramon Martinez’s strong, encouraging, and motivational advice, people can start their own wholesale real estate property business. The speaker and mentor took the stage. Ramon Martinez: That’s right.

Martinez spoke about how he became a successful real estate investor in his early years. When he first started raising English Bulldogs, it was difficult for him to make ends meet, according to him.

Why is he so famous as a real estate start up guide?

Ramon Martinez co-hosted that Ramon Martinez and Sean Terry attended the event. By the founder’s admission, Flip2Freedom.com was born. Sean Terry served in the Marine Corps as a reservist. When it comes to the real estate market, he’s had a lot of experience. In the previous three years, Sean Terry’s total investment has exceeded $120 million.

Max Jiminez, another participant, was also present at this event. In the company Max Cash Offers, Max Jiminez is a co-owner. Max Cash Offers is the culmination of his lifelong dream of being a business tycoon. In the Phoenix wholesale real estate market, Max has made a name for himself. Other speakers include Zak Kepes, Anny Draginova, Jacob Blank, Ricky Morgan, Rodrigo Martinez, Ruben Valdez, and more. When it came to Ramon Martinez’s career path, it was anything but simple and easy. Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico, is where he was born. When he was just 11 years old, he stepped in to help his parents sell pillows door-to-door by assisting them. In their first few years living in the United States, they worked as hard as possible to get by. He briefly attended Phoenix College before quitting. According to Sasha Talks, he has done “a little bit of everything” in his career.

In addition to his employment in financial institutions, he was a band member that had some moderate success. When he started consulting, he appeared to be hunting and pecking for the right opportunity. That’s when he was fired.


Ramon was obliged to sell his freshly purchased English Bulldog puppy to pay the rent on time because of financial issues. Despite the anguish of having to give up his beloved pet, Ramon spotted an opportunity. Ramon saw an opportunity in the misery, and he took desperate measures when the going became tough. In light of the great demand for these puppies, he began working with a local breeder to assist in selling the dogs; shortly after arriving in Arizona, Ramon became the state’s “dog guy” of choice.


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