Reasons for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Getting Popular in the World 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons have already taken the world by storm; the new features and awesome mechanics have surprised the old players and attracted many new players towards it. The gameplay and the updates of the games are the main reasons for making the game so famous in the world. 

The gameplay of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like all the previous games in this series, ACNH is also a simulation game which is a real-time game. One of the best things is that the weather in the game also depends on the real-life location of the player playing the game. The player takes an avatar of a villager, and from Tom Nook, a gateway package is purchased that moves the player to a big deserted island. Some essential free ACNH items like tents, farming items, and many more are given to the player for a head start. 

There is open access given to the player to natural resources like wood and fruit that can craft different kinds of furniture and items. Apart from these, the players can do many other things like catching fish and bugs, growing and planting flowers and trees, extracting various kinds of natural resources like rocks, swimming in oceans, and slowly with development, the player can change the look of the island. The island is very big hence it gives you enough space to decorate the way you want. There are “Nook Miles” given to the player for completing some tasks, and in exchange for these “Nook Miles,” the player can get premium rewards. 

There is other currency known as “Bells” that can be used to buy various services and goods. You can buy animal crossing items and animal crossing bells from different websites that can help you progress in the game much faster and better than other players. There are airline facilities for the players, but for flying, the player needs to buy tickets. Through these airlines, a player can travel to another island, harvest resources, and meet other villagers. On reaching a certain point in the game, Tom Nook gives the player the freedom to expand the village more. Various shop owners will come to your island and settle there. Fishing is an important part of this game; the player needs to have a fishing rod for fishing. There are various kinds of fishing rods available that can be earned by completing various tasks. There is something special about this fishing part; fishing is not available for the whole season, but there are only a few seasons where fishes are available, and then you go fishing. The buildings and the town hall are upgradable; hence build them using your items and resources. 

Updates of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Seasonal changes are very important in these games; hence many event updates are available in the game. These updates add brand new gameplay features, seasonal events, and items. The update and very vaguely based on national holidays. There are seasonal updates such as Toy Day, Turkey Day, Halloween, May Day, Nature Day, and many more. One of the nostalgic moments for the 0old players is that some updates feature popular and renowned characters from the previous installments; various outfits make the game much more interesting. 

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