Reasons to Own American Akita Dog Breeds

Many owners will agree that the American Akita is an exceptional breed, bred in a specific way to be almost an ideal pet. However, due to their whimsical character, these dogs are not suitable for first-time owners. On this source, see which breeds are suitable in this case.

These dogs are a combination of fearlessness and loyalty. It’s what makes the character of these beautiful animals unique. They are certainly not pets for everyone. But for those who manage to tame them, Akitas will be the lifetime companions you can only wish for.

Not-so-High Maintenance Breed

The American Akita are animals that are pretty grateful for keeping. Regardless of size, this dog is very easy to get used to living in an apartment, provided they’re well-trained. Also, this breed is known for its excellent hygienic habits. You won’t see these pups pee around. They will wait patiently to go outside and do their thing.

Still, given the thick fur, be careful when it comes to keeping these animals in overheated rooms. Ventilate the apartment often, as dry air can contribute to dehydration. If you have a balcony, it is desirable to provide your pet with access to fresh air.

This breed is known as talkative, much more than others. Quite often, you can hear them mumbling and nagging, but it’s all with purpose. They maybe want food, pets, go outside, etc. It’s like they’re trying to teach you their secret language and make you understand them better. These sounds can be an obstacle to keeping these pups in the apartment.

Akitas enjoy long walks, regardless of the time of year. Due to their double coat, these dogs enjoy winter. If you have a yard, you can leave them outside for hours to play in the snow. Just be ready for some dirty paws around.

Unique Nature

Because of its size and unusual appearance, the mighty American Akita breed fascinates dog lovers around the world. At first glance, these dogs seem scary and dangerous. But if properly trained, they can be gentle and fun family pets. They are very affectionate, tender, and loyal to their owners.

Akitas are submissive and very protective of their family. But they will always have their ‘favorite’ humans, whom they will respect the most. Those will be the family members who impose themselves as leaders. These dogs will always ‘test’ your discipline and leadership. If you want their respect, don’t let them think you’re weak and indulgent.

Besides being marked as excellent pets, American Akitas are the best choice for babies and toddlers. They have very strong and powerful jaws and bite, so they could hurt your youngsters unintentionally. But these giants love older kids, and they could run and play with them all day.

More information on how to learn kids play safely with pups, check on the next page:


Playful and Active Breed

If you are thinking of getting Akita, you need to understand that these pups grow very fast. They can reach 26 inches and more than 100 pounds in age. Despite their size, these dogs are very active and like to run around and play.

Akitas need daily activity, so be ready to devote at least an hour to touring or visiting the nearby dog park. Walking, running, rolling, and jumping in the yard or somewhere outdoors are the favorite activities of these giant pups. Although not hyperactive, they need a lot of exercise and various other games so that they would not be bored.

This breed needs a lot of attention, regular training, and socialization from a young age. Akitas can be pretty stubborn, so discipline from pup age is a must. Well-trained dogs that maintain their self-respect and dominance won’t become aggressive when they get old.

Highly Intelligent Dogs

One of the main reasons to get Akitas is their high intelligence. That can be both the good and bad side of this breed. It’s good because Akitas are easy to train and learn new tricks. These pups do respond to commands quickly and are very reactive towards their surroundings.

But like every highly intelligent breed, American Akita requires a lot of work and attention. It’s the high level of intelligence ‘to blame’ for the stubbornness of this breed. Some would call them independent thinkers. The truth is, Akitas know whom to respect and listen. If they refuse your command, there must be a good reason for it.

These dogs have an excellent memory. This trait can be bad for owners who left them alone often or yelled for no reason. These dogs mimic the behavior of their ‘alpha’ humans, so try to be a good role model.

They’re Great Watchdogs

The Akita dogs love to please their owners. They are pets that are not difficult to train as they are good learners. But you have to be persistent and tough enough to handle their not-so-stable personality. Dog grooming Toronto is the most widespread dog service provider where you can find out the luxrious and wonderful dog.

Akitas can be trained to do many different jobs. That can be both amusing and useful. These fluffy giants are very territorial and not so friendly toward strangers. That makes them excellent watchdogs. But if well trained, the American member of this breed can develop a good relationship with unfamiliar people.

If you want a pet that will really behave like a family member, the Akita is the right choice. Whenever you can, involve your pet in as many family activities as possible. These dogs may be giant and not so friendly toward your strangers, but they will provide you with protection and unconditional love.


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