Reasons Why Dext Prepare Is A Must-Have For Profitable Bookkeeping

With more businesses transitioning to agile and efficient methods for financial bookkeeping, there has been a growing need for online accounting software. Be it payroll and accounting products like Xero or cloud-based accounting software like Dext Prepare for bookkeeping; many impressive financial accounting platforms are available to business owners today. 

Dext Prepare offers powerful financial tools to accountants, making bookkeeping profitable and productive. Powered by intelligent insights and time-saving functionality, Dext Prepare helps businesses streamline their financial operations.

Prepare Financial Records effortlessly

As firms grow bigger, workflows tend to become more complex. Dext Prepare is a suite of tools to help your business prepare and manage financial records with minimal manual intervention. 

The broad range of tools help your accountants and financial professionals to cut costs, make strategic decisions, and add more value to your business –

  • Simplifying Taxation – Dext Prepare saves time and tax deductibles automatically for your clients, enabling users to split tax smartly. 
  • Report Business Data – Dext Prepare arms you with tools to better understand your business’ performance through automated and real-time reporting of your clients’ revenue and cash flow trends. 
  • Expense Reports – Dext Prepare cuts short the time that goes in manual extraction of data from invoices, bank statements, or receipts, letting you extract every line of data.
  • Bank Reconciliation – You can easily reconcile your bank statements with Dext Prepare and cut out paperwork wherever possible, making accounting much more efficient. 

Improve your business’ financial performance

With Dext Prepare, businesses can optimally use the workforce by reducing admin anxiety. It makes it easy for business owners to capture, upload, and track cash flows instantly – all in one app. 

With the automated tracking and management of financial records, you can access all vital information, sort and store them in one place. Dext Prepare allows easy capture of invoices, bank statements and the ease of connecting your account to over 1,400 suppliers. 

Real-Time Insights with Dext Prepare

The growing uncertainty and challenges in the post-COVID era require businesses to be on the cutting edge of technology, adapting to faster, seamless ways of bookkeeping. The digital disruption in accounting is inevitable, giving rise to the need for real-time business insights and forecasts based on current business performance. 

Dext is the only platform that combines accurate real-time data with tools that empower accountants and business stakeholders to interact and solve problems quickly. 

Share Data with Multiple Stakeholders

Dext Prepare makes it easy for users to access the complete oversight of client dashboards and team workflows, allowing real-time reporting on financial productivity. It helps businesses to optimally allocate their resources by taking the unnecessary load off your accountants’ scope of work. 

With Dext Prepare, you can easily collaborate with other professionals in real-time. With an in-built chat system, Dext Prepare offers instant clarity on specific items and helps teams communicate better.

Better Management of Time and Resources

Dext Prepare allows businesses to identify potential backlogs and speed up processing times. By analyzing your client’s success through revenue, cash flow, and onboarding workflow, you can increase efficiency. 

With Dext Prepare, businesses can deliver relevant, intelligent insights to their clients based on accurate and real-time data. Smart tools to analyze tax, payment timing, and invoicing empower your accountants to add more value to your business. 

Made to Measure for your business

Not all businesses have the same financial reporting needs. Depending on the size, growth, and cash flow, bookkeeping practices differ from company to company. Dext Prepare offers a bespoke client and practice dashboard, allowing them to track workflows in real-time. With access to the team and individual users’ workflows, Dext Prepare enables better support for your client.

The in-app chat allows for seamless coordination between teams to avoid any unwelcome surprises. With Dext Prepare, collaboration among teams and individual practice becomes easy, saving time and money.

The digital transformation in accounting is not going anywhere. Businesses that adapt to the changing landscape will succeed, especially in these turbulent times. The struggle to succeed in a post-COVID world implies heavy reliance on digital bookkeeping to use resources mindfully. Businesses that have already been ahead of the curve and have moved to cloud-based accounting software have managed to perform better during this time. 

With powerful accounting software such as Dext Prepare, accountants and financial professionals will be able to make better strategic decisions and contribute to your business’ success. 

Have more questions about Dext Prepare? Feel free to reach out to us!


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