Reasons why the best recruiters make use of skills assessment and online skills testing software

A great recruiter doesn’t just find talented candidates but does so quickly while proving that their candidates have the right skill set for the role. Candidate skills assessment is one of the most important steps in determining applicant suitability. So, a skills testing software solution is an integral part of recruiting.

Matching the right candidate with the job

Once recruiters start looking for candidates that fit their client’s requirements, they go through their contact list or simply go to social media. LinkedIn is typically where recruiters search for suitable individuals.

Or job seekers apply to the role whenever they find the job advert.

The next step is CV parsing. Sifting through hundreds of resumes is time-consuming. It also doesn’t provide a full background of the candidate. It is also quite easy to exaggerate one’s abilities and experiences. Interviews provide better opportunities for recruiters and employers to gauge their applicants. But just like during CV parsing, it can be challenging to know for sure whether candidates are embellishing their talents.

To match the right candidate to the role, employment skills testing can help recruiters understand their applicants better and see where their strengths and potential lie.

Online skills testing software has made the skills assessment process much easier and more efficient these days. All the leading recruitment agencies leverage the advantages that it brings. Good skills assessment software is easily as important as the best recruitment software for agencies is now.

Skills testing software and its many uses

First of all, recruiters must understand that a robust candidate skills assessment software is easy to use and quick with results.

Generally, the software will offer a variety of skills tests. Some assessments will help employers understand candidate proficiency in office-based settings and also in other sector-specific work situations.

Some of the most common are – literacy and numeracy skills tests, typing skills tests, and MS Office skills assessments. These can be used to evaluate applicants for any kind of office/admin role.

Checking for company cultural fit is part of the hiring process. This is done to ensure that the chosen candidate fits seamlessly into the existing company culture. Psychometric testing helps employers understand an individual’s communication style, leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, etc.

To make the testing more streamlined, the tests are divided into three categories – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Thus, it makes analysing candidate proficiency simpler. Candidates can be given the appropriate test difficulty level according to the role they are applying for.

With good online skills testing software, recruiters will be able to choose the right type of skills tests and send it to all their candidates immediately. Once the assessments are completed, the test results land in the recruiter’s email inbox instantly. This entire process is efficient and saves a lot of time.

Hire the right candidate

The wrong hire can cost the employer. It is crucial to make the right choice at every step of the recruiting process. Employment skills testing is valuable because it helps employers be more confident that their candidates have the talent needed to tackle the job.

If the wrong person lands the role, then it means having to restart the recruiting which can take many weeks. There’s double the effort, time and money needed again. Thus, recruiters must check for candidate proficiency and optimise hiring by using skills testing software.

Skills test results provide tangible proof of a candidate’s ability to do the job and flourish in the role. Employers can use it to make informed decisions when it is time to progress to the next step of the hiring process.


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