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Nowadays, every third woman faces issues in conceiving and it is basically because of the problems in their fallopian tubes in general, but everybody is not aware of how to figure out the diagnosis at an early stage, and this is where the HSG test comes into view.

This article will give you a complete insight into why you should consider the HSG test done, so make sure you read it till the end.

What is an HSG test and why is it used?

Hysterosalpingography or HSG test is an X-ray used to examine for the problems in the womb or obstructions in the fallopian tubes that might explain why a woman is unable to conceive or has miscarriages.

Your doctor can use the HSG test to determine whether a woman’s fallopian tubes are open and her uterus is in a normal shape. It also ensures that the cavity is free of fibroids, polyps, and scar tissue. HSG test is an examination used to detect internal organs associated with the female reproductive system in simple terms. This test enables doctors to quickly identify the many reasons for infertility and other pregnancy-related issues.

Who should consider the HSG test?

Initially, the fertility specialist/ doctor will recommend one to have an HSG test done, without his or her recommendations, you should not go for it. Always consider consulting a fertility specialist first. The HSG test procedure, in combination with ultrasound, blood tests, and her partner’s sperm test, provides the fertility doctor with a vision of what is really triggering the couple’s infertility and helps them decide how to best treat them.

Every couple can take the HSG test for better fertility and even the HSG test cost in India is quite affordable.

What benefits can you get by getting the HSG test done?

First of all, HSG treatment is quite affordable in India, and to have better fertility results, a couple should always go for it after consulting the fertility doctor. You can get various advantages from an HSG test; some of them are as follows:

  • For an HSG, two types of fluid (contrast) are used: one that is water-soluble and the other that is oil soluble.
  • There have been several anecdotal accounts of improved natural pregnancy rates following an HSG test procedure.
  • An HSG with oil-based contrast resulted in greater continued pregnancy and live birth rates than an HSG with water-soluble contrast in women under 38 with diagnosed subfertility.
  • As a result, in couples with fertility problems, the HSG not only serves as a diagnostic tool but may also help them boost their chances of conceiving naturally.

If you’re the one facing issues with fertility then the HSG test is the best diagnostic test that you should consider, it will not only solve the problem but will help you to conceive naturally.

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