Relevant podcasts for future business owners

There has never been a better time to launch a podcast. Whether it’s personal or professional, your voice can connect with audiences around the globe. Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing forms of media globally. Almost 50% of US adults listen to podcasts each week. Podcasting isn’t just for consumers anymore. It’s also becoming a powerful tool for australia online casino real money businesses looking to expand their reach. Let’s see below some of the relevant podcasts for future business owners.

The Tim Ferris Show

This is an amazing interview show that shares lessons and knowledge from legendary people, including billionaires, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, authors, and more. If you want to learn about how successful people work and the mindset they have when they succeed, this should be on your list. Each episode focuses on a different guest who talks at length about something specific in his life – whether it’s entrepreneurship, investing, health, nutrition, productivity, relationships, or anything else. The Tim Ferriss Show does a fantastic job of making guests feel comfortable by being open and engaging while still asking all the right questions.


This is a company I recently signed up for where I get weekly emails about best practices for startups. I love seeing what other founders are doing, hearing advice, and getting inspiration. They cover a broad range of topics but mainly focus on building companies. The email comes out every Monday morning and usually includes interviews with founders, videos, and articles. Sometimes there will even be giveaways, too!

Marketing For Startups

If you are starting a meilleurs casinos en ligne business or already own one, you know how hard marketing can be. This podcast tackles many of the problems faced daily as well as offers actionable tips on generating leads. Hosted by Neil Patel, Founder of Quick Sprout, this podcast covers everything you need to market yourself or your business effectively.

In conclusion,  if you’re thinking about launching a new venture, now is probably the perfect time to start a podcast because there’s no better way of attracting targeted traffic than through a podcast.


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