Renovating Your Home With A Small Budget: Fahim Moledina

Thinking about changing the way your home looks, there are so many overwhelming ideas in your mind that often it becomes difficult for you to choose the best for you. However, designing or redesigning your home could be a real challenge, especially when you have limited resources on your hand, and this is where real expertise is required. Our expert Fahim Moledina helps you to renovate your home with limited budget offers and that too without many creative ideas required.

Here are some of the things that could be done to your existing home, keeping your budget limitations in mind.

Our Expert Fahim Moledina Explain 5 important Key Points

  1. Painting the walls:

One of the very first things that could be done to an old and outdated home is to recreate some imagination with the help of new paints. One of the most effective and cost-friendly techniques is to make sure that you have bought a few brushes and a can of paint to redefine your adventurous look at your home.

You could either choose to take along a single theme of color throughout the room and, in some cases, throughout the house to accentuate it with different borders or might like to play with multiple colors on the same wall.

This helps you to readdress the desire to renovate your home without being able to invest heavily in your dream project.

2. Fix the repairs and install new hangings:

One of the most challenging tasks in renovating and redesigning your home is that if you have limited expenses to experiment with, there is no room for fancy decorations and ideas that are heavier in your pocket. Therefore, one could begin with fixing the hanging doors, windows, or cabinets of the kitchen to make them look appropriate.

Moreover, once that has been done, you could also choose to go for the new hangings around the area of the kitchen or possibly in the patio to give it a new look to the old and antique look of your home.

The house is reflective of the personality of the house owners, and therefore, if you have any creative skills like paintings or drawings that could add to the aesthetics of the house.

It not only helps you to play with your imagination but also be realistic with your aim of renovating your home within a limited budget.

3. Recycle and renew:

There are a number of things in your junkyard that have been lying around in the house for very long, even if you doesn’t have a creative knack for all those things, and you could take the help of the internet and view some of the ideas that are available on YouTube to help you recycle some of the old and discarded stuff that could serve to your imagination and also could be added as a part of decoration for your house.

4. Look for special discounts in the festive season:

Look for some of the special discounts that are offered each year when it comes to shopping for the essentials of the house; you could plan to shop in the season when there are annual sales or discounts offered.

If you are planning to buy some furniture or any other item for decoration, you might have to wait a little longer and then plan accordingly because in that manner you would be able to save a lot of amount of money and refurnish your home without investing too much.

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5. Renewing the old flooring:

For all those age-old homes which have aged flooring for a long and you have been tired of seeing them, you could look to paint and renew the flooring by adding new colors and new essence to the floor. 

All the above-mentioned things could be achieved with the limited budget options and thus could help you to recreate wonders without having to invest a lot of money in home renovation. Read more Fahim Moledina blogs.


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