Rental Property: Your guide to Post-move Cleaning






Staying in a rental property means moving your house often and cleaning your rental house after moving out is your responsibility towards your landlord. Though the process of cleaning your old home may seem laborious especially if you have lived there for a longer period, it is extremely important to leave the property in a reasonably clean house. Although cleaning your house from the top (walls, windows, and ceiling fans) to the bottom (floor and carpets) is needed but you need to focus more on some particular areas.

Here is a list of cleaning tips that you can follow and proudly hand over the keys to your thoroughly cleaned house to your owners.

Before you start your cleaning process, it is important to refer to your rental agreement to know what all your house owner expects you to do before you move out of your house. You can assume that you have cleaned the house thoroughly but some leases include some specific conditions to be fulfilled before handing over the keys. Start with the Walls and Ceiling so that you can clean from the top towards the bottom.

Walls and Ceiling

You will need a lot of energy for this chore. Clear all the cobwebs from ceilings and walls by using a broom or vacuum. To clean a popcorn ceiling, you can use a damp cloth to clean all the cobwebs and dust. Dust all your blinds properly and wash your windows well by a window washer in Cincinnati. Simply spray the glass cleaning liquid on the window glass and wipe it with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Make sure you wipe the glass immediately after spraying the liquid to avoid any stains. Also, deep clean the handles, knobs, and locks thoroughly.

Restore the walls to their primary look when the landlord handed over the property to you. If you have used nails, remove them and use commercial putty to fill up any holes and dents in walls, and then paint those patches with the same color of the wall. Don’t forget to clean all the ceiling fans.

Floor and Carpets

Once your walls and ceiling are clean, next is the floor. Make sure that you broom and wipe the floor neatly and properly. Focus on the corners as we often notice that corners of the room have dust stored in them. If your house or a room is carpeted, make sure you either get it cleaned by professionals or clean it yourself properly with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure all the work is done before the out of state movers arrive for the service.

If the house needs any repairs, make sure you get it done as it is your responsibility to hand over the house in the same condition as you got it at your move-in time.


Check all the lights and other electric devices in the house and see if they are working well. Replace lightbulbs or fixtures if the need is else clean them and sanitize all devices and switches. Make sure you clean all the wall lights too and using a duster with an extended handle cord will be very beneficial to reach out to higher areas in the room.

Also, check the working and battery of the smoke detector. Make sure you check the test button if the batteries of smoke alarms are working. Change the batteries if there is a weak or no signal.


The kitchen is the most dust-prone area in the house which is hard to clean as kitchen walls and cabinets attract oil, grease, and dust like no other. Make sure you deep clean the kitchen before handing over the keys to your owner.

Clear out all your pantries and cabinets well before you start cleaning. Wipe down the shelves well and wipe all shelf liners with a damp cloth. To clean all the greasy areas, add seven parts of water to one part of baking soda and see the wonder.

Clean all kitchen appliances including Refrigerator, Microwave, and Oven. Use vinegar to clean the outer body of the appliances and baking soda and water to clean the inside.

Sanitize the sink and other disposable areas in the kitchen. Add two parts of white distilled vinegar to one part of baking soda to clear and the blocked drains. Use simple dish wash liquid to clean kitchen sink basins and tiles. Use hot water to complete the task quickly and neatly. Wipe off all the soap from the tiles and sink and see the sparkling look of your kitchen.

Make sure you clean and sanitize the countertops and dishwasher well. Make a paste of equal parts of baking soda and vinegar and use it to clean any grout on the countertop of the kitchen and leave it for a while. After some time, take a brush and scrub the area to bring back the countertops to their original and clean look.

With all of the above-said cleaning tips, make sure you do not leave any of your junk at your old rental house. It is your responsibility and liability to return the house in the same condition if not better to your owners as they handed it over to you.

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