Air ducts are mostly the last thing a homeowner thinks about when it comes to caring for their heating , ventilation  and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Air ducts are an integral part of your home’s ventilation system, without them, your HVAC unit will  not be capable of carrying air from  one room to another and throughout your home. Now some  homeowners understand that maintenance of your heating, ventilation & cooling system is the key, but many do not know where to start from, how to start or even why you should do it. Maintenance of the HVAC system is the key to maintaining optimal performance all year-round. This means less number of furnace & air conditioner repairing issues and long life of your equipment. That is why you will need a Commercial HVAC Service Columbus Ohio for the regular maintenance of your HVAC system.

In this article we at ProAir duct cleaning are going to help you in deciding when you should replace  or clean your HVAC system to enjoy it at its optimum point. 


We have guessed the first question that most of you are thinking and that is  ‘ why should you clean your HVAC?’ 

The answer to this  common question is that air ducts improve the air quality in your home. On an average people spend approximately 80% – 90% of their time indoors. So it makes sense that we would want to make sure  that the air that we are breathing is the cleanest and safest quality that we can make it. Because we don’t want to risk the health of ourselves and our loved ones. 

Over time, your air ducts and HVAC system accumulate dirt, pollen, germs and other contaminants. The most common contaminants found in air ducts are:

  1. Dust and dirt
  2. Pollen 
  3. Mold
  4. Germs 
  5. Bacteria and fungus
  6. Air pollutants
  7. Insects
  8. Rodents 
  9. Dust mites

Whenever you switch on your HVAC system, its fans can push particles through your air ducts and  then eventually to your bedroom and living room.And when these particles are flying through the air, we can  easily breathe them in. It also gets re- circulated back into your HVAC system. On  an average this re- circulation could happen 5- 7 times a day under favourable conditions. Once these particles enter your system, as time passes, they can block your filter, clog your fan and eventually create a build – up of dirt, lining the inside of your duct work. There can be build ups of as long as 2 inches in height. That’s a  heck lot of dust! Especially if your vents are located on or near the floor, you would be surprised what that would make. 

Sometimes when your  air conditioner is in use and there is moisture in the air, then your air ducts can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The air that is being pushed through your air ducts can lift some of these particles up and out of the duct work and back into your environment. way down into your air ducts. Thus harming you and your loved ones. ProAir duct cleaners are known for their amazing duct cleaning equipment and when you at this don’t hesitate to call us.



We have created a list of signs that you should look out for as the deciding factor for replacing your HVAC system. 

  1. If you see a lot of dust accumulated in your home:

As the name suggests your HVAC system not only works as your heating and cooling unit but also works for ventilation.When your system runs properly, it improves the air quality inside your home by removing things like dirt and debris.

  1. If you are hearing weird noises:

 When issues with your ductwork arise (such as damage, clogs, etc.), even if the issues aren’t visible, noisy ducts are usually  good indicators of  problems. If your ductwork makes odd noises as air flows through it, you might need a repair or even replacement. A well – maintained AC unit and furnace generally runs in a  fair and quiet manner.

  1. If you smell unfamiliar odour: 

The same goes for unusual smells. While an odd smell coming from your AC unit could  be just dust burning off, it could also be  from things like mold in your ducts or melted wires. There are chances that it can also be something  worse. So you need a proper inspection to determine if it’s time to replace your system and  for that ProAir duct cleaning Industries  got you covered.

  1. Age: Most importantly if your HVAC system is more than 10 years old then you need to replace them soon. It is very crucial to remember that over time, air duct seals, joints, and seams are prone to deterioration. Deterioration can cause many problems for your HVAC systems, such as overuse of energy, poor performance, and overall discomfort within your home . Like all HVAC equipment, air ducts  also experience wear and tear, which is why it is important to have your ductwork checked and probably even replaced every 10 years or so. 

If you  still find it difficult to make a decision whether to replace or clean your HVAC system, then contact ProAir duct cleaners immediately to check up on your units and provide a second opinion. A professional can help you decide whether you should go for replacing or cleaning and what would be more cost efficient. 


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