Resume Refresher: The Post Covid “New Normal”

The COVID-19 situation forced many of us to wander out in search of alternative employment. As corporations, businesses, and institutions had to operate efficiently in the face of the pandemic with some restrictions. New ways had to be found to achieve their future goals now. Consequently, several policy changes took place. Employers now seek new skills and qualities from their prospective employees, such as communication skills, adaptability, technical skills, and soft skills. Candidates need to include these skills in their resumes so as not to be overlooked by the recruiters.

Thus, it is imperative to keep your resumes updated to get the jobs you want. Various resume writing services are available in India to assist individuals with this task. Having your resume professionally formatted can help make it stand out. It’s even possible to do some easy tweaking yourself to increase its appeal.

Listed below are a few tips you can use to make your resume more attractive to potential employers:

1. Emphasize The Skills Required

The job description and skills required for each position may differ from the others, so you must format your resume accordingly. Make sure you highlight the skills the job demands to improve your prospects of obtaining the position.

  • Skills in communication (communication tools you know, listing any successes you’ve achieved, etc.)
  • Technical skills (certifications, abilities, and skills related to technology, remote access, software, etc.)
  • Change adaptation (list how you addressed the changes caused by the pandemic)
  • Soft skills (emotional intelligence, motivation, problem-solving, leadership skills, flexibility in the workplace, etc.) may also be mentioned.

You can also mention any other skill as required, along with the ones listed above. Making use of resume writing services India is also a good call.

2. Review And Update Resume Format

Often, resumes have a chronological format. This format is useful if you have prior experience and are looking for jobs in the same industry or job title. However, if you’re looking for jobs in fields you haven’t worked in before, you might want to consider a functional or combination resume format. When employers assess your fitness for the job, these format types may be more useful as they emphasize the value of your relevant skills instead of your professional experience. In addition, you can also show how you’ve used project management systems and online workflow communication tools to exceed expectations and meet your goals.

3. Keep It Simple

Employers are not likely to read each line of your resume since they don’t have a lot of time to spare over them. In such cases, it is important to make it easy for them to locate the key information quickly.

  • Make your resume as short as possible. Eliminate old job or internship information that was done more than a decade ago, as well as any irrelevant/outdated information. Be concise.
  • Keep your font size between 10-12 so that it’s easy to read and doesn’t look clumsy or unprofessional. Make sure you select fonts that are simple and plain, like Arial and Times New Roman.
  • Organize your information according to relevance to the job you’re seeking. E.g., years of experience, educational credentials, relevant skills, etc.

In case, you just graduated and lack experience, keep the education section at the top of your resume. As your work experience increases, you may choose to remove your GPA and other less relevant information.

4. Working Remotely

With the ever-changing covid-19 situation, employers are seeking employees who are willing to adapt to unfamiliar environments and work remotely when necessary. They are looking for people who are flexible in terms of where, when, and how they work. Thus, emphasizing your desire to work remotely (from home or otherwise) will appeal to your potential employers. Aside from that, you can also demonstrate the way you’ve utilized project management tools and online communication tools to exceed expectations and meet goals. In some cases, you may be asked to demonstrate how you have facilitated the success of others with remote working.

5. Mention Your Activities During Covid-19.

Many people were laid off during Covid-19, so don’t be ashamed to mention it on your resume. Employers are aware of this and are probably searching for top talents that were laid off due to COVID. If you were laid off, do tell them what you did with your time. Whether you got a temporary job, took a professional development course, added new skills to your skillset, volunteered, etc. Mentioning this shows employers that you are proactive. It also shows your drive and motivation, as well as your commitment to growth.

If you continued to work in your job during COVID, include some information on how your job requirements changed and how you handled them. Anything that demonstrates your adaptability will impress employers.

6. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Remember to update your LinkedIn profile to match the changes made to your resume. A LinkedIn profile can be viewed by anyone, but a resume is only viewed by the individuals you send it to. So, to increase the chances of getting hired, your profile could use some post-Covid TLC.


For those who are still uncertain, it’s possible to get professional assistance from any of the Indian resume writing services. As long as you keep trying, you are sure to get hired. Be persistent and don’t lose hope. Good luck!



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