Retractable business banner

The most commonly used banner is the retractable banner. Retractable is derived from the word retract. It is particularly used for making banners that are made up with the help of retracting machines.

Size of retractable banner

There are different sizes of banners available in the market but the standard retractable banners are just of two sizes;

  1. 24”x81” 
  2. 33”x81”.

The price of these retractable banner is less if we compared them with some premium versions.

Reusable retractable banners 

This is one of the best investments for business. It helps to promote the business as these banners are re-usable. You just have to replace the old banner with a new one. You will get the same quality as your previous banner. The interesting thing is you can change it as many times as you want for your business events.

What is difference between Canvas wraps and canvas print

The canvas wraps and prints are so popular these days. These are the contemporary options to showcase our picture or image. We can use it with or without a frame. So first of all let’s have a look at canvas wraps.

What is canvas wrap?

This makes our image perfect with multiple options of frames. We can say that a gallery warped canvas is the one in which we see an image that is flowing over the wall and along with sidewalls. This gives an elegant look to our picture and makes it complete. So now we noticed that people have different choices here.

A lot of people like a stretched canvas. It is because it gives them extra look and it is more eye-catchy than gallery-wrapped canvas. Other people like gallery-wrapped canvas than stretched canvas.

Print wraps:

These are just made by using wooden wraps. It shows the border of an image along with the frame.

Canvas Gallery Wraps:

Let talk about canvas gallery wraps. These are the wraps that are made up of professional photo papers. These photos are bonded according to or onto the museum quality canvas. Overall we can say that it’s a print that is made up of professional photo papers.

These prints have then wrapped the frame. It will be hanged on the wall as per your choice. These can get with a huge variety of;

  1.  custom Frames,
  2. Wall Clusters and Splits.

Canvas types:

You can get canvas wraps according to your choice. There are two processes of that;

  1. Premium fine art canvas
  2. Photographic canvas

Premium fine art canvas

Premium fine art canvas is the wraps that are printed and put directly onto the museum-quality canvas material. This is done by using ink that is high in quality. In this you can choose;

  • Glossy,
  • Lustre
  • Metallic surface

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