Retractable Pool Covers: Reduce Maintenance & Increase Profits

As time goes on, the maintenance of a pool can be very time-consuming and expensive. That’s why many people have installed retractable pool covers. In addition to keeping the water clean, these covers also protect your pool from damage and help retain heat. They’re easy to install and require little up-keep.

Reduce your pool maintenance

Installing retractable pool enclosure reduces the amount of time, money and effort that you have to keep your pool clean. They prevent algae from growing, too. When your cover is retracted at night, you will be able to enjoy your backyard without worrying about all the unsightly stains on your pool. Using the retractable option allows you to use less chemicals than if you were using a fixed cover because the water circulation leaves fewer places for bacteria and algae spores to grow on the surface of the water. One pool cover is all you need to reduce your pool maintenance. No more swimming through a pool blanket, no more rinsing the filter every day, and no more swimming with clumps of algae on your face.

Why a pool cover is better than an enclosure

A retractable pool cover reduces the amount of maintenance needed to keep your swimming pool looking great. When not in use, a retractable pool cover rolls up and stores out of sight. This makes it easy to access whenever you want to use it. It also prevents debris from getting into your pool during off-season storage when the water level is low. A retractable pool cover will not only save you money on repair costs, but also help protect your pool from the weather. Most importantly, it is much easier to maintain a retractable pool cover than an enclosed one.

How to install a pool cover

Retractable pool covers are an option for pool owners who would like to reduce the amount of time and money spent on maintenance. They are made from durable materials and come in many different price ranges and designs. There are two ways to install a retractable pool cover: either the first time or seasons of use. If you choose the first-time installation option, simply attach the straps at the top and bottom of the cover, feed it through one side of your pool, then thread it back through at an angle. If you choose a seasonal installation, disconnect your safety strap before installing your cover over your pool.

Benefits of a retractable pool cove

When the pool is not in use, you can lower it to reduce maintenance. With a retractable pool cover, you can easily remove and store it so that when you need it again, you don’t have to struggle with do-it-yourself alterations of your pool’s contour. It is a better option for those who spend a lot of time outside because it is not as easy to clean, and you can’t see bugs as you would with an in-ground pool.


The retractable pool cover is a simple and smart solution to reducing maintenance on your pool. The cover only takes 10-15 minutes to install, and lessens the need for daily draining and cleaning. With a little bit of work, you can keep your pool looking new while significantly reducing the amount of time spent maintaining it.


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