Returning To Life After Back Surgery

There are several problems that can affect our back, and do not respond to conservative treatments. People then have to opt for the surgical treatments, that although help in mitigating the problem, but also need careful care.

Commonly performed surgical procedures on the back include discectomy, which helps in treated herniated discs. Similarly, laminectomy is also a common procedure that helps in reducing the pressure on the back and is especially useful for when the spinal pain also causes leg ache.

Likewise, spinal fusion is also a usual procedure that helps in treating herniated and degenerated discs, spinal fractures, adult scoliosis etc.

The recovery time

Each type of surgery has different recovery time, and care, as your Spinal Surgeon in Lahore would also tell you, since the invasiveness of each procedure varies.

Generally, for discectomy, people will get better in about 6-8 weeks. For laminectomy, the recovery time is at least 12 weeks, and can even take up to a year for the patient to fully heal.

In case of spinal fusion, younger people can expect to feel better in 4-6 weeks, whereas older individuals may need 4-6 months for to get recover.

During this time, it is very important to follow the correct protocols, as during the transition phase, your body is still vulnerable.

Things to do

Use arm support: During the healing time, use your arms to support your body. For example, when you stand against the counter, rest your weight on your arms. This way, you take some stress off your back.

Wear slides: You might also need to reconsider your footwear as well. Try to get slides in which you can easily slip your feet into, rather than complicated and strappy shoes.

Positive Attitude: The road to recovery is long, and you may feel frustrated, angry, and depressed from time to time. It is therefore very important that you actively channel positive energy.

Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on. Celebrate your little milestones. Read and watch content that helps in uplifting your mind and spirit.

Things not to do


Lift weight: Even if you feel better, even if the pain is subsiding, you should not lift any sort of weight unless okayed by your doctor. The maximum allowed exertion is of 10 pounds.

Bending: You have to be careful about not bending your back as you reach for things. Since it comes as a reflex, you need to be conscious about your movements. Instead of curving your back, squat. If your knees cannot bend as much, you can use devices like clawer-Reacher.

Twisting torso: Instead of twisting your torso, you need to move your body so that your hips and shoulders remain aligned. Be especially mindful of it when you are lying down on bed or getting into your car.

Too much rest: People end up resting too much, and the lack of activity ends up hurting their healing process. When you move, the fluid inside the joints gets heated up and thus lubricates the joints better. Less movement and thus lubrication causes greater joint ache.

Being active and doing exercises approved by your doctor are imperative for better prognosis.

Not going to the rehab: Your rehabilitation process after surgery is vital for your recovery. Expert physiotherapists at the rehab help patients move and exercise to facilitate their body movements.

It is even suggested that you visit a physiotherapist even before surgery, for improved healing time. However, you should also get cleared from your Spinal Surgeon in Karachi first, in case you have a higher risk of injury on account of the back problem.


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