Rhinoplasty Recovery: 7 Tips to Help You Get Back on Track

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common reconstruction surgeries that people go through. Some might be minor corrections, while others could include a total reconstruction. Depending on what you need done, there should be a certain amount of post-procedure care on the part of the patient. 

The timeline for rhinoplasty recovery can be difficult to pin down, even when you ask an experienced plastic surgeon. The recovery time and experience for you will depend on several factors, such as your general health and your surroundings. 

Wondering what you can do to speed up recovery as much as possible? 

Here are some tips for helping you get through your rhinoplasty recovery phase. 

1. Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re going for an ethnic rhinoplasty or a sinus surgery, one rule of thumb is to have a healthy diet. Eat nutritious, fresh food and drink a lot of water. This practice will not just make you feel good, but also help with your healing process

Water especially speeds up recovery by washing out the toxins that might be in your body due to the anesthetics. Water will also flush out your system, allowing healing oxygen and nutrients to reach the tissues and drain the wound. 

2. Take Some Time Off

At this point, your body has to focus on healing. With this in mind, eliminate or minimize strenuous activity as much as possible. Avoid any activities where you can bump your nose; this automatically rules out most sports. 

3. Walk

Walking is a great way to increase blood circulation as gently as can be. This phenomenon will help to move the fluid, helping the nose to recover. Walking will also control and lower stress. Plus, the activity will prevent fluid from building up and causing swelling. All you need to do is incorporate walking into your routine.

4. Bath, Don’t Shower

Your nose probably has several splints and bandages around and on it. These shouldn’t get wet. So, take a bath instead of a shower. When it’s time to wash your face, use a washcloth so the bandages don’t get damp. This routine should only last for about a week, after which the bandages should come off. 

5. Elevate Your Head

For at least six weeks or so, you’ll have to sleep upright. Turning onto your sides or back could displace your healing nose. You want to keep that head elevated and straight for as long as possible. This practice will enable good blood flow to the area and help you avoid injury. 

6. Limit Pepper and Spices

You don’t want your sinuses or nose compromised during the recovery phase. For this, you have to ensure that they’re not irritated, especially by the food you eat. 

Spicy food will cause dilated blood vessels, which will cause both bruising and swelling. Since this will slow down the healing process, you need to avoid such foods for some time. 

7. Stay Alert

Certain side effects after rhinoplasty are problematic. So, keep an eye out for them. A bit of bruising under your eyes or some redness around the nose is normal. Such signs should go away in about two weeks, depending on how drastic the procedure was. 

If these effects persist, though, you need to consult your plastic surgeon. The same goes for any major discomfort, pain or soreness that prevents you from regular activities. 

The Takeaway

Some experts say that it could take up to a year to fully recover from a rhinoplasty procedure. If you want the best and safest results, make sure to follow the guidelines above. You should also be regularly checking in with the relevant doctor to make sure that everything is progressing as it should be. Take good care of yourself and that nose, and you might be able to slash the recovery time as well!


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